How to Log Into Hotmail with Outlook

Windows Live Hotmail is a popular email client that functions well and is very stable. Microsoft Outlook allows you to view, compose, and archive your emails locally so you don’t have to be online to be able to do any email work. Now, you can log into Hotmail using the most recent versions of Outlook for a more efficient way of accessing your email—and it’s easy to do.


Open Outlook 2010. Do this by double-clicking its icon in your desktop, or by clicking the Start menu in the lower-left corner of your desktop and typing Outlook 2010 in the search bar. Select the program from the result.

Go to File. Click on “File” in the Menu bar at the top of the Outlook Email window, and then click “Info.”

Click “Add account. This has a green plus icon in the left portion of the button.

Select “E-mail Account. Enter your name in the text field. This will be the name assigned to the account.

Add your Hotmail email address. Under E-mail address, enter your Hotmail email address, then your password at the bottom. Retype the password as confirmation.

Finalize the settings. Click “Next” in the bottom of the window, and then click “Finish.

Restart Outlook. Just close the program and start it up again.

Access your Hotmail emails. Go to File at the top left of the screen. Select your Hotmail account from the options there to access your Hotmail emails.

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