11 Best Alternatives to YouTube in 2019

There’s no doubt that YouTube is the most dominating platform for free online video streaming in 2019. Though it’s the most popular platform there are some awesome alternatives to YouTube.

Here I’ve provided you with a list of the 11 best alternatives for YouTube:


The popular video-sharing platform Dailymotion has a user interface similar to YouTube. Here the trending videos are found on the homepage while you can also browse through the categories section. You can also search for a video through the search bar just like YouTube.


The Amazon-owned video streaming platform is the web’s best live streaming platform. Twitch was mainly focused on streaming live video games and other gaming-related shows but now you can also find non-gaming videos on Twitch. Twitch broadcasts several live music videos from concerts and festivals. You can also find a creative category and IRL(In Real Life) category on Twitch.


Metacafe is one of the oldest video streaming sites that came into existence in 2003. The speciality of the website is in its short-form video content which is mostly 90 seconds clips. Metacafe has a clean and sorted interface with categorised sections that allow users to browse conveniently.

Facebook Videos:

Facebook has recently introduced a video tab which comprises of a wide range of video content from several video creators. You can use the search option to search for the videos you like. Apart from using on your laptop or desktop, you can watch your favourite applications on Andriod as well. This allows the users to watch more and more online content which is shared by the users.

It is said that Facebook will take over YouTube through its video-sharing platform. The only issue is that there is no option to filter the searches or browse videos by categories.

Instagram IGTV:

The photo-sharing platform has also introduced its video-sharing feature under the name of IGTV. IGTV offers vertical and longer videos that are specifically made to watch on smartphones. Just like you subscribe to channels on YouTube, on Instagram you need to follow a channel to get updates from the channel about new videos.


Vimeo is the best video hosting site for artists and classy filmmakers. Vimeo is a professional video hosting site. It means you cannot find some random cats video here. Vimeo encourages artists of the professional fields like cinematography, dance, music and other creative work which must be brought in front of the audience.

9Gag TV:

Looking out for pure entertainment? 9Gag TV has got it for you. 9Gag TV has a vast collection of funny and entertaining videos. The 9GagTV has its channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well where it provides short videos, memes and gifs. 9Gag TV is a one-stop destination for all the funny videos you want. 


Veoh describes itself as an internet TV company which boasts millions of videos. Most of the videos on Veoh are professionally produced. It also features a wide range of TV content and videos from classic series. Apart from these, Veoh also has a wide range of music content genre and a movie section that features full length as well as memorable movie clips.


Flickr is a photo-sharing platform but it’s also has a well-established feature of sharing videos. These videos can be only 90 seconds long and are termed as long photos according to Flickr. Flickr video is a feature for the creative people who want to experiment things and say it all in just 90 seconds.


For people looking for good quality music videos, Vevo is the right place. Vevo distributes the official music videos of several mainstream artists on its channel. Vevo is the best alternative of YouTube for music lovers and it also offers a clean user interface which provides all the latest videos from various artists on the home screen.


Peertube is the only open-source video sharing platform in this list. Peertube is a peer to peer-based software just like BitTorrent where anyone can host videos. With peertube, you need not have to worry about getting censored or blocked. This allows creators to share their content without any fear of getting blocked.


Though there are several alternatives for YouTube, you cannot find all the categories and features like YouTube on any other platforms. But if you are looking for a particular category then you can choose among any of its alternatives.

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