15 Home Decor Ideas Perfect for a Shaadi House!

Looking for the wedding planner in Chandigarh?

Don’t worry. Wingding is here to provide you numerous ideas for the wedding decoration in Chandigarh. We are the best wedding planner in Chandigarh. Our wedding decor ideas are not only beautiful but budget friendly as well. Be it a lawn of the house or trees or terrace of the house – there is no such space which you can not decorate. We are sharing some creative ideas for every corner of the home which you can incorporate in your wedding. Let each corner of the home roar WEDDING.

Have a look at the wedding decoration ideas!

  1. Go traditional and opt a setup which incorporates red & white beautiful fresh flowers along with electric lanterns. You can incorporate this idea in your living room.

2. Another idea for home decor is by using a homely ladder. You can use this ladder and place lanterns on it. This idea will give a nice vibe to the home decor.


3. For those who want to try out something different must adopt this idea. All you need is candles and roses and some DIY to accomplish this idea.

4. For some traditional look, you can pick some colorful and stylish hangings. These hangings give a colorful vibe and genuineness to the decor.

5. Do you have trees in your lawn? Worry about how to decorate them? You must see this fusion decor idea. Hang some tassels and baskets on the tress and it will change the whole look of the lawn.

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  1. If you have swing in your home DIY it with an adorable cushion setting and some genda phool decoration around it.

7. For a mandap decoration, go for some flamboyant and radiant tassels. These tassels will be a great prop for a mandap setting.

8. DIY the wall with some messy kites. These colorful kites will add a peppy and contemporary look to the home decor.

9. Pick some old fused bulbs and incorporate them into your decor by putting some gorgeous flowers into it. It is a brilliant decor element.


10. This idea is very budget friendly as you have to take some paper hanging (which you can DIY) and some flower pots. You can hang these paper hangings and flower pots either in the balcony or some cozy corner of the home.

11. Crushing over this colorful look of Genda flowers and vases? Why not? It looks amazing.

12. Ace this look by incorporating some adorable and elegant paper kites and hang them from a tree.

13. Give the entire set-up an exciting look by incorporating kaleeras in the home decor. Kaleeras can give the entire set-up warm and exciting wedding feels, a great element you must consider trying!

14. These dreamcatchers are a great element for a bohemian look. This bohemian look of the wedding will up your shadhi game.

15. These bells give a religious and holy vibe to the wedding decor. If you don’t know what type of decor you should incorporate in your wedding, use this idea. Trust me. You will not regret it.

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