4 Reasons Why It’s Best To Shift Your Goods To A Self Storage Unit During Renovation


Yes, we can understand your excitement and anxiety because we truly believe that renovating your home can be a very challenging yet happy task that we all love to get done. Doing so increases the value of your home, you get to design your home according to your taste, flow, and functionality. However, all of that does come at a cost and risk for your precious belongings.

There are always going to be unwanted ‘surprises’ and hits to the budget during the process. You may also fall short of the selected timing or your plans may also flop. But the most precious damage can always be the one linked to your personal belongings. After all, you invest your years collecting them and you just can’t afford to lose them with a single mistake.

So, to help you in the matter, today we are here to suggest Space Next Door Storage through which you will be able to hire a self-storage unit in which you would be able to keep your things safe. And as we very much understand that a lot of you would be looking for more convincing reasons to make the move, then here are a few important things you must consider.

1. Your Belongings Remain Dirt & Dust Free

As we have mentioned above about how messy renovations can be, therefore, you have to make sure that your items remain protected from the insulation debris, drywall dust or paint splatter, because contractors are never going to guarantee you about that. 

To make that possible, the best move is to shift the goods to an off-site area, this is exactly where the magic of a self-storage unit comes into play. Just so that you no longer have to worry about getting a call from the contractor telling you about how he damaged your sofa mistakenly. 

2. Strangers Won’t Have Access To Your Valuable Items

During the process of renovation, the front door eventually becomes a welcoming door for the contractors and all kinds of tradespersons. If you get to know how many general contractors get involved in getting the job done for you like the plumber, electrician, painter, HVAC technician, installers, etc. then you will understand how risky it can be for your goods. Hence, if you want to keep their access to your goods restricted, go for a self-storage unit right away!

3. It Helps In Speeding Up The Renovation Process

You will eventually be required to move your goods around the house when the contractor would want to work at a particular place. As a result, your home starts to divide up into cluttered hallways and over-stuffed rooms, since most people don’t have any other space or a big lawn. So, if you want your contractors to waste less time on moving the goods, it is better that you shift the items to a self-storage unit beforehand.

4. You Get A Blank Canvas To Try Out Different Things

Once you take all your goods out of a room and the renovation is done, you have an entirely blank canvas that you can redesign right according to your choices and having to worry about the movement of goods.

Happy renovation!

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