4 Reliable Drop Shipping Companies of 2022


In the world of e-commerce, there are many kings of the industry. All of them are trying to win your trust and your customer base for their purposes. Dropshipping is a low-risk business that can earn you a profitable income. Connecting with a dropshipping platform can be helpful, less costly, and save you half the trouble.

A reliable e-commerce platform is a blessing in disguise. These are the top companies that provide top-notch services.

1. Alibaba

It is one of the most famous marketplaces that provides business-to-business services. If you are a wholesaler, you have direct connectivity with the manufacturers.

The suppliers on Alibaba take orders of bulk items and fulfill dropshipping orders for resellers. Delivery time from Alibaba can take up to six hours, depending upon the location of the store.

Why Choose Alibaba?

It provides 2.8 million suppliers and thousands of product categories. Dropshipping businesses that need advanced solutions and private label manufacturing should opt for Alibaba. They get bulk products without being out of stock.

2. Importify

Importify was established in 2017 but is getting quite popular due to its terrific services and prices. Over 35 websites are supported by Importify and have a lower monthly fee than other e-commerce platforms. It also allows a variety of products and unlimited imports for your store.

Why Choose Importify?

If you are looking for 24/7 support and good customer service, choose Importify for your online business. The monthly fee is affordable, and it integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify.

3. MyDepot

MyDepot is an e-commerce platform that started in 2021. This platform integrates with Shopify, Amazon, and Wayfair. It is not the traditional middleman you find on Alibaba or Taobao.

This platform represents hundreds of high-quality products that represent respected manufacturers and suppliers that MyDepot works with. One thing that differentiates MyDepot from other dropshipping platforms is that they deal in specific niches like the home and furniture industry.

Why Choose MyDepot?

MyDepot is not only a drop shipping platform but more than that. It represents the manufacturers. By concentrating on just one niche for our products, we can offer high-quality products. It gives them a competitive edge for more robust services and a better price. They offer quick and reliable shipping that is directly from US-based fulfillment centers. 

4. SaleHoo

SaleHoo has excellent features for e-commerce businesses. Selling a top-rated and in-demand product is the primary goal of a dropshipping business. SaleHoo has a Market Research Labs tool that lets you search for trending products.

It is also in the best category of e-commerce platforms due to its competitive prices and services. More than 8000 wholesalers are listed on this platform. Merchants that use Amazon dropshipping and eBay tend to take services from this company. 

Why Choose SaleHoo?

A user-friendly dropshipping company that caters to new and established businesses. SaleHoo includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and offers a free 7-day trial for $1.00. You can access the supplier directory, automate your store, and get email support.

The Bottom Line

We discussed a few of the most reliable drop shipping companies. You can clearly see each e-commerce platform’s features and why you should choose them. MyDepot inspired us as they deal with a specific home and furniture niche. You shouldn’t overlook the main features before opting for one of the companies for your business.

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