5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer cleats are very important for a soccer player. It is a footwear worn by the soccer players while playing soccer. In the beginning, their design is very simple but with the advancements came in their designs, they became more stylish. Now they are available in various types depending upon the surface on which the players have to play the match. The most important thing for a soccer player is obtaining the proper fit soccer cleats. The cleats should not be oversized and not be too small. Because this can become a reason for the discomfort of the player while playing soccer.

If your feet are wide, then it becomes more important to buy properly sized soccer cleats, so that you feel comfortable in the soccer cleats. As nowadays there are many options for soccer cleats available in the market which makes it difficult to buy a good pair of soccer cleats. So, now we are going to discuss some important points which you should keep in mind while purchasing the soccer cleat for wide feet. Some of the points are as follows-

Material – The material of the soccer cleats has a great impact on your comfort while playing. You should choose the material of the cleats according to your need. As there are three main types of soccer cleat’s material which include leather, synthetic, and knit.

  • Leather- This material is resistant to water. It has an average stretching ability.
  • Synthetic- This material has no stretch ability and it provides no breathability.
  • Knit- It has lower stretching ability, but it fits well to your feet.

Fit and size – You should check the size and fitting of the soccer cleats by wearing it before the beginning of the match whether they fit your feet or not. The fitting of the soccer cleats should be relaxed. And there should be some spare space at the toe because it may swell while playing.

Insole and outsole – You should check the inner and outer sole of soccer cleats because the sole has a large impact on the ease of your feet. There are various kinds of materials of the outer sole are available. But you must choose the outsole having patterns and figures. This will provide you with a better grip.

Flexibility – You should also check the flexibility and rigidity of the soccer cleats while purchasing them. Many people like the cleats which are having more flexibility. On the other hand, some people like the stiffer cleats. So, you should choose that soccer cleats which provide you with comfort and flexibility while playing.

Weight of soccer cleats – You should also keep in mind the weight of the soccer cleats because if they are properly weighed then they can help you in proper balancing. But if they are too heavy or too lightweight then they can give you the problem while playing soccer.

All the given points should be kept in mind while choosing the soccer cleats if you are having the wide feet. They are easily available at various stores and these days they are also available online.

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