5 In-Store Marketing Strategies You Need to Know


Retail marketing is a stellar strategy that businesses adopt to sell their product to customers. It is a blend of traditional marketing that comprises TV ads, billboards, direct mail and digital marketing like social media ads, email campaigns and Instagram stories.

In contrast, in-store marketing refers to marketing strategies that target customers when they are inside the store. Crucial in store marketing ideas mainly focus on engaging the customers who are already in-store and convincing them to buy the store products.

As a brand, are you looking for new ideas to market your products to your highly engaged prospects already present in your store?

Check out these in-store promotion ideas to market your products.

1. Add Appealing Signage

Signage is the best in-store marketing strategy that has seen positive results for a long time. Adding crisp signage that your in-store customers can read in one cursory look will help a lot. Signage is used to educate the customers to understand the ongoing discounts, seasonal products, best sellers, and upcoming discounts related to your brand. An Attractive Signage will get your store visitors to spend a little more extra on your store. Signages with upcoming offers will make the customers return to your store again.

2. Staff

Offering the customers what they require will primarily depend on your staff’s training. It is best to train the staff to provide a good customer experience like guiding clients to their products, informing them about an existing offer and more. Well trained staff will also be able to upsell your products and leverage cross-selling.

3. Loyalty Programs

Encourage your customers to take up a loyalty program by offering discounts. Loyalty programs will help you provide personalized offers to them instead of blanket promotions. Loyalty programs leverage text messaging and emails to customers in the mode they would like to be contacted to know the other offers. It is a great way to lure customers back to the store.

4. Shelf Facing

Every retail business knows the importance of merchandising shelves in in-store promotions. Shelf facing provides more prominent visibility. Ensure an attractive shelf arrangement with the best products aligned at eye level. It will contribute to the most impulsive buys in your store.

5. In-Store Displays

Window and curbside displays showcase the product and new merchandise to catch the customers’ eye. The products are grouped based on their utility and displayed in mannequins and shelves to lure customers. The best performing displays are brought at the rear end of the aisle to catch the eye of customers.

Look for factors like:

  • The amount of traffic near displays
  • Whether it is increasing?
  • Are people stopping by and checking them out?
  • Are they influencing the buying decisions?

Try these ideas and assess which one works best for you. Effective in-store marketing capitalizes on customer trends by understanding customer purchaser behaviour and encouraging small impulse buys.

You can also outsource your in-store marketing to a professional in-store promotion agency like PPMS. PPMS helps you build a robust in-store retail marketing strategy with your target customers in mind.

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