5 Qualities To Look For In Aluminium Windows And Doors


Aluminium windows sport slim frames and ensure maximum glass coverage for illuminating indoor spaces. But, there is more to it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that aluminium is by far the preferred material for home improvement projects. For instance, aluminium checks all the features and benefits list that modern homeowners seek in windows and doors. 

Robust and Lightweight 

Quality aluminium doors and windows accommodate large glass panes with slim frames and narrow sightlines. More importantly, high-end aluminium windows offer an isometric view of the outside with no visible obstruction. For instance, features like concealed sashes and L-fit handles do not violate the view provided with a large glass area. 

Such features and maximum glass area is only possible in aluminium windows. UPVC windows are chunky as vendors add steel to make them more robust, making the frame look bulky. On the other hand, aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio by its very nature, meaning it is also incredibly lightweight.

As a result, it is possible to incorporate aluminium with large ceiling to floor windows that are easy to operate. In fact, the windows are designed to be opened multiple times in a day and users of all ages can handle the windows with ease. 

Boasts Sleek and Modern Aesthetics 

As nearly all aluminium doors and windows undergo anodisation, the products have an excellent finish without a hint of pitting or warping. But, it would help if you opted for TEXGUARD coated doors and windows. The coating results from Japanese innovation that gives aluminium a lustrous look and prevents discolouration for up to 40 years. 

The smooth finishes are a sign of top quality finish where you can customise the windows with colour options such as natural white, natural black, autumn brown, ivory white, and more. Such stunning characteristics are only present with a few providers like TOSTEM INDIA. As a result, you should partner with companies offering windows with a sleek look and modern aesthetics. 

Resistance to Damage 

Anodising aluminium windows involve applying a layer of aluminium oxide on the surface of aluminium, which effectively protects the metal from rust and corrosion. The TEXGUARD coating is added on an anodised surface to enhance the windows’ durability and effectiveness. It is a patented method by TOSTEM INDIA, so users may not find it in standard doors and window designs. 

Apart from maintaining the lustrous look, the TEXGUARD coating prevents damage from scratches, water splashes, dust accumulation, and alternating weather conditions. The treatment ensures that aluminium doors and windows last for a long time without losing their pliability. Hence, it is advisable to choose anodised aluminium windows

Offer Myriad Functional Benefits 

Here are the advantages that aluminium windows must offer: 

  1. Heat Absorption: Quality aluminium windows and doors have a well-deserved reputation for not absorbing excessive heat and destabilising the temperature. Manufactures achieve this quality through anodisation and TEXGUARD coating. 
  2. Air and Water Tightness: High-end aluminium windows provide stellar water and airtightness. The infusion of Japanese innovation in designing doors and windows makes it possible. For instance, utilisation of rubber gaskets and nanotech gaskets in corner joints help in preventing water and air ingress. 
  3. Sound Insulation: Quality aluminium windows can suppress the bustling noise from outside up to 25 Db with a 6 mm glass. Such a feat is possible as aluminium windows from stellar manufacturers are installed with EPDM gaskets, which are primarily used in cars. 

As a result, you should select windows from only trustworthy companies that can offer the outlined features. 

Ease of Installation 

Local vendors for aluminium windows perform most of the task on the site. This exercise minimises the installation time and relies on the skillset of a local engineer. Hence, you should partner with companies that steer the end-to-end process of window manufacturing. 

For instance, TOSTEM performs 90% of the work in the factory, which significantly streamlines the installation and fabrication process. The company is also a pioneer in utilising the pre-engineered design that only requires the worker to assemble the windows on-site. As a result, TOSTEM does not have to rely on the expertise of local fabricators or workers. 


This article outlined the benefits of high-end doors and windows and tips for users to choose the right product.  

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