5 reasons – why your Australian tourist visa rejected?

Getting an Australian tourist visa is not as easy as planning over a beautiful holiday in Australia. The stringent rules and regulations prescribed by the Immigration Department of Australia lead to the rejected of several tourist visas every year.

Being one of the popular visas, every year there is a large number of people who apply for this visa but only a few able to qualify, as told by the Immigration agents in Brisbane.

  1. The applicant belongs to a high-risk country and applied for the wrong visa category

It is important to research beforehand the type of visa you should apply especially if you are a resident of a high-risk country. You can consult an immigration agent in Brisbane to guide you through the type of right visa type for you along with the visa application process.

The visas with the subclass allow the applicants from the low-risk countries only. Say. Electronic Transfer Authority (Subclass 601) is not eligible for the applicants belonging to high-risk countries.

Applying for a wrong sub-class may lead to higher chances of visa refusal.

  1. You were failed to comply with the visa conditions in your previous attempt of visa application

Based on your history, you may face a rejection for an Australian visa. It is very important to comply with each and every specified condition for the visa application. Failing to this will not lead to rejection for the current application but also increase the chances of rejection for subsequent visa applications.

While processing the applications, the immigration Department of Australia takes the history of application into account. In case, you have not complied with the conditions mentioned below earlier, chances of refusal are high:

  • Not allowed to study

  • Not further stay

  • Any new visa applied to lead to the refusal

  • Not allowed to work

  • Overstaying in the country without fulfilling the prescribed visa conditions will ban your application for next 3 subsequent years.

  1. False and Misleading Document submission

Along with a visa application rejection, you may subject to a 3-year ban if your documents are found to be misleading and false by the Immigration Department of Australia. It is absolutely against the law and any further chance to get though the visa application process in subsequent applications will also be at very high risk.

It is highly advisable to submit all the genuine and well-supported documents along with the visa application form.

  1. Inconsistent Tourist Visa Application

Immigration Agents in Brisbane suggests seeking professional help while filling out an application form to avoid any inconsistency. In case of any inconsistency found, your visa application shall be right away rejected and you will not have an opportunity to appeal on the decision of refusal for a tourist visa.

A professional immigration agent ensured the 100% consistency and accuracy in your visa application before proceeding for its submission.

  1. Documents submitted for Tourist Visa are not supported with evidence

It is very important to provide the relevant evidence for all the documents provided while applying for any type of visa. Immigration agents in Brisbane explain that the major reason for the tourist visa refusal accounts for insufficient evidence for the visa applications.

Certain criteria like you should be capable to financially support your vacation in Australia or you are a genuine tourist must be supported with the proper evidence. The department ensures that you are visiting Australia for genuine purposes and not with the intention to stay permanently on the tourist visa.

The stringent visa application process makes it difficult to get the Tourist Visa unless you aid some professional support from Immigration agents in Brisbane which can guide you through the process with their expert and experienced know-how.

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