5 Tips On Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer In India

Hiring a property advisor serves the purpose of smoothening out the process of property purchase. Property has to be one of the most prioritized assets people aspire to possess and acquiring it is not simple-it takes immense effort as well as an investment of finance and time. As careful as most people tend to be, property acquisition is always a hectic process and unfortunate circumstances always compel them into hiring law firms in India and real estate lawyer. Conflicts may be anything, from a volatile neighbor to an uncooperative landlord. Whatever be the reason, one must keep certain things in mind while hiring a real estate lawyer.

What extrinsic features should you look for in a Real Estate Lawyer?

  • The lawyer should have good knowledge and idea of the area they’re operating on. This includes various information on properties being purchased, properties being sold, trending market price, infrastructure, both existing and upcoming. This is a very important skill set that ought to be possessed by the real estate agent because the buyers of a property may be new to the locality and have no idea about it at all. 
  • They should have connections with the right places. An experienced real estate lawyer ought to have connections with people associated with the property acquisition market. This helps the process as it smoothens the home-buying/selling, home loan deals, etc.
  • Has transparency in communication. A good lawyer should lay out all the details of the process without hiding anything. In fact, he should be ready with the required information before you ask for it. An intuitive and transparent lawyer is of great benefit.
  • He’s understanding of the needs of the property buying or selling process. His undertaking and understanding should be extended to the buyers/sellers too, for the purpose of ensuring transparency in the transaction.
  • He’s adaptable to changes that may occur in the circumstances or your needs as a buyer or seller. He should be able to accommodate any changes whenever required.

Points to consider before hiring a Real Estate Lawyer.

  • Identification of one’s objective.

 This essentially means that one has to identify the conflict areas before hiring a lawyer. One hires a real estate lawyer only when there is a dispute in the property buying or selling process and therefore identifying and deciding the specific objective in which one wishes to end the conflict is important before hiring. This helps in looking for an expert with specific expertise according to the manner of conflict. Also, finances must be kept in mind because fees payable to a Real estate lawyer is usually high and one must asses their own financial capability to bear the requisite expenses before hiring.

  • Detailed maintenance of Paperwork.

This is important not only for someone caught up in the mess of a dispute but also for someone looking to buy a property in general. Any serious procedure must have thorough documentation. In this case, documents related to property such as the title deed, rent agreement in addition to all the tax papers and other utility bills paid by the person, must be maintained by the owner. In case of a dispute, a lawyer will and has to depend on documents to present a case in a court of law and in order to substantiate the client’s claim for a verdict in their favor. 

  • Preventing escalation of the matter 

Just because you hired a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to go to court. It is always advisable that the matter is settled by discussion between two parties. Litigation in court must be availed only when all other options have been exhausted. In fact, the matter can be settled without a lawyer if the two parties agree to a discrete negotiation, thus avoiding the high cost of hiring real estate lawyers. However, it is advisable to go to avail legal counsel for choosing the right approach.

  • Doing away with a vindictive motive or mindset 

Often disputes over property turn ugly and the matter ceases to be less of a property issue and more of an ego war between the two parties. A real estate lawyer must never be hired in order to seek revenge on the other party on account of feeling wronged. It avoids financial loss as well as unnecessary stress. 

  • Always adhere to laws

This is more of general advice. No matter what you do, you must not lose your calm and break any laws whatsoever. If the case goes to court, a clean record will help in winning a favorable verdict. In case of violation of Intellectual property laws, intellectual property lawyers can be of assistance. 

To conclude, it can be said that the process of buying or selling property and real estate is taxing and hectic. Therefore engaging a lawyer with proper reflection is always advisable.

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