6 Diseases cured by Long pepper


Ayurveda’s holistic science believes Long Pepper, also known as Pipli to be a natural product extracted from the ground that not only improves the appetite of the human body but claims in the betterment of digestion as well. It is considered as a rejuvenation hope that helps in lowering the heartburn sensation, acidity issues and cures diarrhoea. If you were to talk about one famous and renowned property of long pepper, Long pepper for cough is considered as one of the best medicines that rule the world because of a chemical present in it known as piperine. The antibiotic medicines that we take may affect our body with some side effects but since long pepper is a natural product extracted from nature it claims to have zero side effects. Below listed are the diseases that Long Pepper –

  1. Cures Thyroid

People who are suffering from a high-grade thyroid can evolve a habit of taking half spoon of long pepper powder with lukewarm water every day and it will help in maintaining a balance in the other body hormones as well. The thyroid is a very common problem amongst women these days, they either tend to lose or gain weight in such situations. Long Pepper also helps in maintaining a balance in the weight.

  1. Liver ailments

Long pepper is considered a full proof medicine that has a cure for almost every problem. People with liver issues are rising at a tremendous rate and long pepper while improving our digestive system, impacts the hormones and enzymes in such a way that toxicity of the body is always managed.

  1. Lung Problems

Long Pepper has the excellent property of stimulating the level of oxygen to every organ of the body including the brain. Oxygen must flow throughout our body without any discrepancy. Hence, it oxygenates our body and proves to be a cure for lung issues.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

With the property of aphrodisiac inhibited in the long pepper, it helps the body to relax and keeps a check on our stress hormones, tries to keep our body calm. It also promotes longevity.

  1. Coma patients

Long pepper is a perfect remedy for patients who are in a coma. Long pepper’s roots and fruits are preferred as a medicine that not cures coma but paralysis, lumbar pain and arthritis too.

  1. Fights against bacterial infections

Pipli possesses anti – amoebic properties that help an individual to fight against any type of bacterial infections even if it is serious. It has a strong impact on the immunity and appetite of the body that keeps the body health updated.

Long Pepper uses are infinite in number. It also aids toothache, insomnia, headache, tuberculosis and treats menstrual cramps too. With N number of health benefits and properties of Long Pepper, a patient should consider this a perfect remedy. When there is no way out, follow the path of Long pepper and there you are completely aided with your health issues.

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