7 Reasons Why Your Australia Immigration Application Can Get Rejected

Did you ever sit back and wonder why your Australian immigration can get rejected? Nothing can beat the thrill of the news of going to Australia but it can turn into the worst news ever when you hear that the immigration application has been rejected. There are a number of reasons because of which the Australian immigration application can be rejected by the authorities and today, we are going to discuss about the same. But you can eliminate the fear of rejection with the help of best Australian Visa Consultants. 

7 reasons of rejection

  • Being a resident of a high risk country

If you belong to a country with high risk, then it is a definite thing that your Australian visa can get cancelled. Countries like Australia do not let any kind of immigrants enter from country which is in a war zone right now. Consult the Australia Visa consultants to do a little bit of research on the same. 

  • History of refused Australian Visa

If you have had a history of rejected Australian Visa because you could not meet the conditions, then you need to understand the reason of rejection before applying again. Also you need to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes all over again.

  • Inconsistent application

If any kind of inconsistency is marked in your Australian visa application then there is a high chance that it can get rejected and you can be refused. Your inconsistency can also be the reason why you will not be able to appeal for the refusal decision.

  • Lack of proper evidence

If you do not have sufficient documents for the application and there is any kind of forgery in the documents that there is a chance that your application will be rejected without any prior notice. Always make sure that the credentials that you are submitting is absolutely perfect and up to the mark. 

  • Misleading documentation

If you give any kind of misleading documents which are false, then it goes without saying that you will be banned for at least a period of 3 years. If you have any history of providing misleading information there is a high chance that your Australian immigration will be rejected. 

  • Health conditions

If you are having bad health conditions and you cannot satisfy the health department of the Australian embassy, there is a high risk of your application getting rejected. Especially if you are suffering from problems like bad heart and diabetes, you will not be able to visit Australia and the same goes for contagious diseases as well. 

Character certificate

Any applicant who is going to go for the Australian immigration has to prove that he or she has a good character certificate. If the applicant has any sort of criminal record in different of how trivial the issue is, then the Australian embassy has every right to reject the application without any notice.

Now that you have already gained immense knowledge about the reasons why you can face rejection all you have to do is to go for Australian skilled visa Consultants. If you are residing in India then you can get the best Australian Visa consultants in Panchkula known as Global links.

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