7 Tips to Store your Car Safely During Covid-19


As the second wave of Covid-19 runs through India, many of us have been locked up inside our homes without much choice. Consequently, our cars which have seen better days earlier are now vegetating in basement parking lots and garages all over. This is where you need to be careful and cautious if you wish to put off avoidable expenses.

Here are a few tips you can follow when it comes to storing your car. 

  1. Keeping the handbrake engaged

Keeping the handbrake engaged for days on end can result in the brake pads getting stuck to the drums. A better option is to use bricks or wheel chocks to keep the car from rolling. Also, leave the car parked in the first gear.

  • Clean the insides of the car before parking

Before parking your car in the basement for a long time, make sure to clean your car’s interiors and remove all the litter that might be there in the car. Many of us leave wrappers, bottles, food items in the car which eventually rot and stink up the car or worse attract rodents and termites. This will invite damage to the car floor, wiring, seat covers, mats and in worst-case scenarios damage to the car’s electrical systems. Better to wipe the car’s interiors once and clean out the litter.

  • Do not leave the fuel tank on empty

Filling up the fuel tank will keep moisture away and stop the rusting of the fuel tank. Make sure that the fuel tank is tightly sealed.

  • Keep your battery in a good state

It is the battery of your car that keeps it up and running. Its health will go a long way in keeping your costs down. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and check up on the water level. One should keep coming back and start up the car now and then just to ensure that the battery is not completely discharged. You can also smear petroleum jelly on the wires to put off rusting.

  • Park indoors and use a car cover

Many people do not have an option to park their car inside and have to park their car in the open which increases exposure to weather conditions and also increases the risk of theft. In case you cannot park inside, do invest in a good car cover to protect it.

  • Keep the tyres at the right pressure

Check your tyre pressure before you park the car. When your tyres are at the right pressure, their sidewalls won’t crack and it will prevent flat spots as well. Check the valves for leaks and monitor if the valve caps are screwed in tightly. 

  • Protecting your car paint

Parking outside in the open means that your car’s paintwork is likely to be damaged. Protect it by cleaning the exteriors thoroughly and by applying a new coat of polish and wax at regular intervals. A car cover will also protect your car from these damages.

The final word:

While all these precautions are quite necessary to ensure that your car’s health is maintained during the quarantine, in the long run, you are advised to get car insurance to protect your savings from any major damages to your car. 

 If you wish to buy or renew an insurance policy, do so from the insurer’s website or from an app like Acko car insurance. You can also take the help of a car insurance calculator online.

Also, now you can choose a comprehensive Bajaj car insurance policy such as the one being offered on Finserv MARKETS. The car insurance offered by Bajaj Allianz gives your vehicle coverage against natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, robberies and others. 

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