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Personal loan

Such investments will yield higher returns, up to 50% of net profit. Private lending is developing at a rapid pace today. But the risk in this case is huge – the amount borrowed simply cannot be returned. A large return is guaranteed, with no competent and clear contracts and careful selection of candidates. The most appropriate microcredit. Tend to pay short term money, not too large in size.

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One such possibility is in the WebMoney website. The loan amount and terms are small, high interest rates. If you know how to distinguish solvent from a bankrupt person or a thug, you can earn good money. However, online lending – it is more risky than traditional lending. Sometimes also unknown for passport taking loan.

This BezBanka playground – another convenient platform for lending activities. Attractive conditions for investors. An application has to be made for a will only to register and provide a loan. Those who need money, find deals, and the creditor makes its own rules – interest rates and transaction matters.

A check is a candidate for a loan based on two factors: the site of activity and is rated on the level of confidence in facing other creditors. The out-of-control position controls the collector’s office. It is linked to the project.

Here also you can invest money to earn profit. Even if you invest a small amount of money, you still have the opportunity to earn 50% quickly and easily.

Business Investment

For a person to be entrepreneurial nature, there is no better way to invest. But they can easily learn to manage. The businessmen where sending money to do this work and decided to make a profit.

Investing in myself, I may have a more optimal belief, because I am not an investor. In my business I am really responsible for my investment I put myself in, and this is a big plus. Of course there are drawbacks – gotta work! But I have always invested and will invest in myself and my projects!

Cons: We have to work, there is a risk of getting burnt, it is not completely passive income.

Pros: You are in control, there is no income limit.

Effective for investing in a readymade business that generates income. In this case the additional investment will only increase the already existing income.

Business projects are very easy attracting co-investors. Businesses can easily get a loan. These all have positive aspects. But there are also negatives:

  • The risk is still high,
  • If it is a business project, ie the share of risk of loss;
  • It is impossible to sell property without loss of short-term value (goods, equipment).

Investment in Precious Metals

This is the oldest method of investment. It was tied with so much gold that currency notes happened. In the second half of the 20th century, gold currency is no longer guaranteed. But until now, precious metals can protect and increase capital.

To invest money on precious metals there are three common ways to make money:

  • Purchase of futures or stocks, foundations and companies;
  • Contribution to metal accounts not allocated;
  • Purchase of precious metals bullion.
  • After the way everything is clear along the way: We come to the bank and buy bullion there

Account depersonalized metal – The score shows how many grams the metal is purchased by the customer, but without the sample, serial number and manufacturer.

Futures represent a contract for the supply of metal in a specific amount. Thus, the purchasing contract becomes the owner of the investor metal party.

This type of deposit promises high stability. Now money is a good way to keep them from investing and to thwart inflation.

Deposited in antiques and art objects

This option is for those who know a lot about it! And who knows, he will understand. There are always people who are looking for rare items and buy. And it’s a pleasure not a small one.

A lot of free money is needed to implement such a process. But rare collectibles, painting is becoming more expensive every year. In ancient 50 years, the thing is considered. Every item can become valuable over the years. It can only be old things that are considered artistic and historical. Benefit is only possible with antiques, which are recognized as prominent art lovers and scholars.

There can be auctions and exhibitions of buying and selling antiques, art objects and collections. Specialty stores there too.

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One is a fake, and also a smoothie – an important drawback to this form of investment. To distinguish the original from a fake, make sure you need a specialist with specialized equipment. Before you invest in a particular part of the art to ensure the exam.


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