All About SAFe Agilist Certification and Its Training

The people who study about Scaled Agile Framework, lean thinking, and product development are known as SAFe Agilists. The best SAFe Agilist training in Bangalore is given by Xebia Academy. This course is especially for executives, managers, and mediators who lead Lean or Agile change enterprises in big software companies. Those who are in this profession also know how to change agile portfolio administration in large enterprises.

The SAFe Agile framework is divided into 3 parts- team, program, and portfolio. This framework is generally used across large and multi-team programs & portfolios. Alongside, also helps an organisation to improve its product development through a consistent strategy. This technology is available to everyone and free to use, regularly modified and very easy to use. Till this date, there are 2 levels of SAFe implementation: SAFe 4.0 implementation and SAFe 3.0 implementation.

Required Exam Skills and Knowledge:

For those who are aiming to start a professional career in this field need to have the following requirements-

  • 5 years of experience in software development, business analyst and testing and product management.
  • Experience of working in Scrum or Agile.

Leading SAFe training in Bangalore provides you:

  • An Advanced Scrum Master’s Course
  • Certification (SAFe Agilist) when you successfully complete the examination
  • Business Scrum Foundation Course
  • Agile Champion Program
  • Implementing SAFe with SPC
  • Test Automation for an Agile team
  • Access to a lot of learning resources to support certified specialists during their SAFe Agilist training



Responsibilities of a SAFe Agilist:

One needs a professional guide for successful adoption and continuous development of SAFe in the organisation. One of their main responsibilities is helping the company to achieve its goals by a strategic agreement and need for innovation of stakeholders and teams. They also keep on motivating the employees, boosting them up to their capabilities to achieve the goals of the company. They can schedule on-time deliveries of the project by managing the team working under them.

Topics covered by Leading SAFe training in Bangalore: –

  • Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Creating Team and Practical Agility
  • Program Augmentation (PA) Planning
  • Structuring Business Explanations and Lean Systems
  • Leading the revolution

All those who want to learn how to create and support Agile teams and programs. They will learn how to develop the required skills at SAFe Agilist training in Bangalore, this is very much in demand worldwide; and will make their enterprises to succeed in the marketplace when they become a SAFe Agilist. SAFe Agile has been proved to be a great success for those who work in a large organisation by improving the experience of customers by on-time delivery and development of efficient software for the organisations.

If you are interested in SAFe Agile training program then Xebia Academy is the Leading SAFe training in Bangalore. Just give a new direction to your dreams and go ahead with this course. You get the better career opportunities once you complete this course. So don’t lag in your career now, learn the course today.

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