All things you need to know about the bridge and jetty repairs


Why should a bridge be strengthened? The retrofitting and reinforcement of the bridge not only improve the capacity and service level of the highway bridge. But it also eliminates the hidden dangers of traffic safety to some extent.

What are the reasons the bridge can be strengthened and repaired?

The reason for the Bridge Repairs and strengthening is given by,

  • During the use of the bridge, any bridge will become the old bridge: People had limited knowledge of the pavement functions of the early bridges built. Therefore, there are issues such as small reinforcing bars, small rebars, pavements, and the ongoing instability problem of bearing component interfaces. Therefore, the reinforcement and renovation of the old bridge are inevitable.
  • From economic analysis, Bridge reinforcement can save a lot of investment and receive good social and economic benefits: Using appropriate technology and expanding reinforcement measures, it is not possible to dismantle the old bridge and build a new one to reduce engineering costs greatly, and some can be done without interrupting traffic. But also to restore and improve the bearing capacity of the old bridge and the traffic capacity. Extend the service life of the bridge to meet modern transportation needs.
  • The retrofitting and reinforcement of the bridge can not only improve the capacity and service level of the highway bridge. But it also eliminates the hidden dangers of traffic safety to some extent.

Why does the jetty need regular maintenance?

Regular jetty maintenance is essential. You can see minor or significant damage to the stack. If you have a structural damage level at the dock pile, you will need to call someone quickly. The lack of structural integrity of the piles can prove detrimental to dock users. And it tends to get worse quickly with increased usage once your summer starts.

Floor planks look worse for wear: Severe maritime conditions can wreak havoc on the wooden jetty floor. While corrosion and salt corrosion can make minor problems seem to go downhill quickly. Avoid accidents on your jetty at the crossing by repairing cracked or chipped planks before tourists descend.

There is visible rust: You have a creeping corrosion problem. You will need to take remedial action to remove the rust and coat your jetty with aqua paint for an extra layer of protection. Also, watch out for ‘black rust’ on submerged concrete piles – these are prone to rust will erode at a slower rate but still need to be fixed by the Jetty Repairs team.

Ramps and reduced access steps: All accessible ramps should be fully functional for the continued safety of jetty users. The deterioration of the ramp can cause tripping accidents when combined with slippery conditions, which would be a recipe for disaster.

Scheduled jetty repairs and refurbishments can extend their service life by up to a decade. Therefore, it is highly cost-effective in the long run. However, you will need skilled and qualified marine infrastructure specialists to get the job done. They can help to assess your jetty repair needs and offer competitive pricing.

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