Amplify Your Conversion Rates with Click to Call Solutions


As we get even more connected with increasing time, we can also not ignore the fact that a call still remains the primary choice of customers when they are looking to inquire a business about products. Businesses after being fully aware of this started planning the promotions and advertisements of their products and services accordingly.

It’s of prudent importance too that a business may be easily accessible and shouldn’t involve a customer putting too much effort into contacting them. Hence, it is of prudence that a business looks for a solution that is simplistic and powerful in nature.

For such a situation, the Click-to-Call solution is extremely crucial. In such times, when tasks like calling up a cab or ordering food delivery are rather frequent it makes a lot of sense for a business to use Click to Call Software in their applications.

It essentially makes sense for a business to invest in Click to Call Software to amplify their marketing efforts and conversation rates.

Let’s define Click-to-Call

Click-to-Call is a cloud-hosted calling solution. It empowers customers to call businesses without having to dial their business phone numbers. The solution of Click-to-call can be printed on newspapers, pamphlets, and even Apps in the form of calling widgets.

The technology that is deployed to place calls take out information from a list and places the call to the business number. These call widgets appear more commonly than one thinks.

For reference, if you are calling the delivery executive from an application and just click on a dial button, or a departmental store near your house from google search results and clicking on the “call buttons”.

Sounds like something that you know? I am pretty sure that everyone has some point via an app or a search engine has used the click-to-call functionality. For example, if you are using a click-to-call via a smartphone, your phone directly places a call. However, if one is visiting a website via a desktop, the very same solution would enable you to share your contact details so that a business representative can later connect with you.

Let’s understand why Click-to-Call should be used for sales

  • Customers even in times of social media, prefer to call a business
  • Mobile searches lead to consumers thinking, “I should make a call to inquire.”
  • Customers are not satisfied if you are not easily reachable
  • Calls are made with an intent to purchase
  • The calls lead to a customer making a call
  • Hence, calls from a customer a crucial part of the buying process

The benefits of click-to-call software do not just end here.

Business leaders across marketing departments of a wide variety of businesses have realized that there are never-ending benefits of implementing a click-to-call solution for implementing and realizing their marketing strategies-

-Enhanced Lead Generation

When a customer/lead willfully calls you, it means they are already interested in the service/product you’re offering.

These customers are a bit further in the sales funnel and often are just checking if the products and services you’re offering match their business needs. It makes prudent sense for a business to capture these leads quickly and enhance conversion.

-Larger number of Calls

As stated above that searches on the internet via phone often lead to phone calls to customers. It makes sense for a business to work thoroughly on strong scripts and strategies to capture the leads.

In these times of smartphones, it is important for a business to be present wherever the customer is, and in this case- on their smartphone.

-Change with changing times

It s not only enough to just use the best click-to-call software to capture customers. But it is also important to know your customer and their demands well. As a business, you should be fully equipped with strategies and technologies that enhance output

-Boost Customer Experience

Most customers when they buy a branded product offer a consistently excellent experience each time they contact the support or sales team of a business- this is true for the plethora of mediums and devices.

A solution like click-to-call makes the company good at handling clients seamlessly. A business essentially minimizes the customers’ efforts which leads to better service and business outcomes.

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