Apostille documents – the importance and procedure associated with them


Many people get an opportunity to reside and work overseas which is considered to be a golden chance that nobody wants to miss. Hence, in the entire process of moving abroad, the paperwork can be a very daunting task and this is the thing that cannot be avoided by anybody at any cost. There are several kinds of countries like the USA, Australia, UK and various others who demand apostille documents. A birth certificate is considered to be one of the most essential documents in the entire set of documents and it will serve different kinds of purposes.

 The overall process of obtaining the apostille documents and apostille birth certificate is very easy nowadays. The birth certificate is a very vital document that certifies the birth of an individual and this particular document will include the name, place and time of birth of a person. This document will always help in acquiring the very basic rights including the right to vote and benefit from different kinds of schemes and services of the government as well.

 Following is the comprehensive procedure of the apostille birth certificate:

  1. Firstly the document has to be authenticated by the notary public and this particular step is optional but will be required for a few documents. Submitting the documents to the notary public for the stamp is very much important and is the basic step in the whole process.
  2. Secondly, the birth certificate and other kinds of personal documents have to be verified by the home department of the state. Educational documents and commercial documents will also be authenticated by the chamber of commerce and human resource development respectively depending upon the overall scenario and kind of documents.
  3. After this MEA apostille will be playing its role and lastly the birth certificate will be the apostille by the Ministry of external affairs of India. The Ministry of external affairs is the sole authority in India that is responsible for Indian document apostille and it will charge the fees of Rs.50 per document.

 These kinds of documents are directly linked with different kinds of purposes for example getting admission into a private school or government school, getting married, inheritance or transfer of any property, obtaining the government-issued identity documents and several kinds of things. To take the advantage of all these kinds of things overseas people require an apostille birth certificate because the un-attested documents are never accepted overseas. Normally people are not aware of all these kinds of procedures which is the main reason that availing the services of several kinds of consulting firms is very much important. There are different kinds of companies that offer such services associated with the apostille of documents in India. Hence, hiring experienced and expert agencies in all such cases is very much important so that people can avoid all kinds of hassles and errors in the whole process. Confidentiality of the data and security of documents is also a very important factor to be paid attention which is the main reason that choosing agencies carefully is very vital. Hence apostille Indian birth certificate and several other kinds of documents can be easily taken advantage of with the help of above-mentioned points.

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