Apostille Stamp: What Should You Do?


if you are thinking about what apostille certificate gets used for then remember it is used to validate certificates of birth, your marriage, and even death. But there are also manifold documents that may prompt an overseas authority to request an even Apostille Certificate so as to prove authenticity. In case you are living and working abroad, you and your family could require validating documentation for bank accounts, school registrations and even that of overall visa applications.  Also, in case you run a business cross-border, then your company registration certificate(s) could require to be verified.

You need to ensure that your documents and papers have an apostille stamp. Without it, your documents or certificates may not get acknowledged abroad. Remember the main documents that could need Apostille Certification, but are not restricted to, are like:

  • Your Birth certificates
  • Your Marriage certificates
  • Your Death certificates
  • Company registration certificates
  • Wills and letters of administration
  • Passport (copies only)
  • Probate
  • The Adoption certificates

So, make sure that you have these documents stamped or you may not get the validation for them in another country.

How is your Apostille Certificate used?

Talking about your apostille certificate, it is a tiny piece of paper that is stick to the document (you may wish to get official copies of legal documents like that of birth certificates so as to retain the original copy in its default format) and an ‘Apostille seal’ or that of ‘Apostille stamp’ is stamped on the document, leaving a raised stamp on your document or certificate on behalf of the issuing authority.

Your certificate would include information like that of the country it got issued in, who has signed the document (where relevant), date of issue, place of issue, issuing authority, and an Apostille Certificate number. Such a unique number may get verified by an overseas authority with the issuing authority so as to check authenticity.

Can You Get Help with Your Apostille Documentation?

For the ones who are living and working abroad, Apostille Certification of crucial public documents is an aspect, and Expats and those with properties, work, or even that assets overseas must consider this so that you can easily use your documentation in each country that you need to. If you think that you would keep your crucial documents and certificates with them and take them abroad and that is fine, then you are wrong. If they do not have the stamp of apostille, they would not be recognized as authentic and valid. So, make sure that you do not make any compromise with this apostille certification. After all, there is no point in having your documents, papers, and certificates with you if they are not acknowledged abroad.


To sum up, you can always ensure that you do not need to go through the tedious procedure of apostille certification. Just Click here and talk to professionals to ensure that all your documentation gets done and you have the stamp on all the papers you need without any issues. After all, when professionals can ease it up for you, you must go for it.

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