Attractions in Tokyo Tour Packages That Kids Would Love

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities of Japan and is its capital city as well. Tokyo is quite popular because of the number of tourists it receives every year. It has a number of places where kids and adults can enjoy to the fullest extent. There are several Tokyo tour packages from India which are available in different price ranges. Tokyo has innumerable attractions and children friendly destinations. Some of the places which can be of great fun especially for kids are as follows:

• Tsukji Market
This is one of such places which you should not miss if you ever visit Tokyo. The most attractive thing which happens in this market is the tuna auction. To see this, you need to come to the market as early as possible. Only the early birds are allowed to enter have a part in the auction. You will get to know the history of the place and also can dine in any of the restaurants which are located there. Most of the Tokyo tour packages from India include this place in the list.

• National Museum of Nature and Science
Visiting this place can be fun as well as an educational tour as well. It is one of the best science museums in Tokyo. This museum has kid-friendly zones in each and every floor of the museum. Learning with fun is the best thing a kid can experience in his or her lifetime and this museum provides with this facility.

• Tokyo Disneyland
Visiting Disneyland is each and every child’s dream at least once in their lifetime. Disneyland receives the maximum number of visitors on the weekends. It has a separate section for the little older kids which is called the Tokyo Disney Sea. Every child who has a love for the Disney characters; Minnie, Mickey, etc. will surely love this place. This place is also included in the Tokyo tour packages from India.

• Ueno Zoo
This is another favorite place for kids in Tokyo. This zoo has multiple types of animals like out of which the highlighted ones are an elephant, tigers, pandas, etc. You can reach this place through the JR station. This zoo works on an alternate day.

• Fire Museum
This is by far one of the most amusing and entertaining places for kids in Tokyo. Kids have to dress up like firemen and can play with helicopters and fire trucks. Kids aged between 0 to 9 years can enter the place. This museum also has alternative openings in a week.

• Legoland Discovery Centre
This is a kind of game station for the kids. Kids can play with several toys and blocks which are available here. Kids have to walk through the lanes saving themselves from the laser beams.

These places will surely keep the children entertained throughout the entire vacation. They will never get bored of anything. Parents can even drop their kids in any of these places while getting done with their scheduled work.

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