Bamboo Plants: 20 Surprising Fun Facts About Bamboo Plants


Everyone wants a one-of-a-kind yard or garden that expresses their unique individuality. Bamboo (Bambusoideae) is a grass subfamily (Poaceae). Bamboo comes in 1,439 different species. There are around 250 hardy temperate bamboos that thrive in North America. It is an outstanding plant that can grow about four feet every day. It is a flexible plant that can be added to any area, from tropical beauty to privacy screens. Bamboo plants come in a range of sizes and hues, ranging in height from 12 inches to over 75 feet. Order bamboo plants online and invite good luck into your house and family. 

A bamboo plant can be used for screening or to add height to a border. 

It is usually a centre point, and it may be planted in a container on a patio or balcony. 

There are two sorts of bamboo plants: clump-forming non-invasive bamboo bushes like Umbrella Bamboo ‘Asian Wonder,’ and running bamboo, which develop long underground stems and spread everywhere if not contained. 

Here are 20 surprising yet fun facts about bamboo plants. 

Bamboo is the FASTEST growing terrestrial plant on the planet; only giant sea kelp in the ocean grows faster than bamboo. 

Bamboo is drought tolerant and will survive without water, but their leaves will curl up if they are thirsty! They do this to avoid the heat and to wait for water or rain.

After being dried up for a few days, they will shed some leaves to self-mulch and lessen the number of leaves that need to be hydrated!

Bamboo is edible, or at least most of it is (some tastes awful!). While the young shoots are still soft, they are collected. They’re frequently found in Asian cuisine and stir-fries! 

Bamboo can be seen growing in both cold and hot climates. 

Except for Europe and Antarctica, which still have non-native species, all continents have native species. 

Bamboo’s antibacterial and antifungal properties come from its natural state. Clothing, linen, and bamboo charcoal are all made out of bamboo. Bamboo charcoal absorbs, cleanses, and deodorizes the air that it comes into contact with.

Bamboo is the most extensive grass on the planet. It’s not a tree, believe it or not. Bamboo has short grass-like roots (similar to lawn); however, it grows stiff woody culms instead of growing grass!

Bamboo poles are stiff and durable (some are even stronger than steel!) and are frequently used worldwide in construction and building! Garden stakes or weaving furniture can be made using thin poles. Scaffolding and building frameworks frequently employ larger poles!

Bamboo is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. 

Green, black, brown, gold, blue, white, grey, orange, purple, red, variegated, and even striped varieties are available. Order bamboo plants online and beautify your living area. 

A panda’s diet comprises almost entirely bamboo shoots, poles, and leaves, weighing in at roughly 12-38 kg each day! Meat and other plants account for the remaining 1%.

In the summer, bamboo may cool the air by up to 8 degrees! This serves as natural air conditioning for your garden and any nearby structures.

Bamboo clumps purify the air up to 30% more effectively than any other plant! Your brain is practically surrounded by high oxygen! This makes you feel better and removes stress and headaches! Shopping plants online has become much easier nowadays. Add bamboo plants to your living space and live a healthy life. 

Bamboo is one of the most effective plants for improving soil stability and preventing erosion. Perfect for securing a riverbank, a creek or dam wall, or sloping garden beds, among other things.

In his very first successful lightbulb, Thomas Edison used a carbonized bamboo filament!

Bamboo is not flammable; however, the air pocket between nodes makes a loud popping sound in a fire. Bamboo was used to make the very first firecrackers in China.

Bamboo is poisonous to snakes! 

Snakes are known to like sleeping in warm, quiet environments. 

They can’t slither through bamboo mulch because it’s too loud, too cold (thanks to the air filtration), and the stems are often too slippery to ascend! 

The bark of tree branches or a lovely sunny rock is far more appealing to them.

People flee to bamboo groves and woodlands during earthquakes in Asian countries because they are safe havens. This is owing to their incredibly safe and stable root structure, as well as their luck and fortune symbolism!

Bamboo is a regenerative plant because its natural leaf drop is so nutrient-dense that the soil ‘absorbs’ these nutrients as the mulch decomposes, feeding the bamboo and neighbouring plants once more! 

Bamboo mulch is also a great weed barrier and can be used in compost bins.

Bamboo only blossoms and produces seeds once every 100 years or so. 

When it happens, every plant of that species across the globe seeds at the same time!

Bamboo comes in almost 1,500 different species! 

There are roughly 400 species in Australia, and we specialize in the top 50 that are excellent for home gardens! 

(Plus, out of 1,500 species, pandas only consume 42!)

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