Banksy Flower Bomber – What Can You Create?


It seems the elusive Banksy Flower Bomber was not the original piece of work but a reworking of an earlier piece. Many internet sleuths have tracked it down and credited it to the elusive Banksy. But is it really the Banksy Flower Bombing Birdie? Or is it just another clever name by an artist who lives in France? The truth of the matter probably lies in the middle somewhere.

One thing that can be certain is that this Banksy piece is definitely not your average pop art piece made by an artist living in France. And we do not mean to downplay the beauty of the Flowers, the bright colors and bright shapes are truly inspirational. But a piece made by someone with no connection to the English language and no formal training in the art would not receive nearly the attention it has been getting recently.

So, is this Banksy Flower Bomber the Banksy Flower Bombing Birdie?

Or is it another piece of Banksy artwork made by someone with no connection to the Bristol street artist? Or is it something else? We could go on about this subject for quite a while, but we want to keep it simple for our purposes here.

The original art piece in fact was not a Banksy. It was actually a stencil that was made by an artist living in Italy. His name is Alessio Cametti and he was a famous graffiti artist known for his bright colorful works. He also made stencils that were much like the Banksy Flowers. These stencils were used throughout Italy and were a huge hit. His style is characterized by bold blocks of color that are made into shapes and then have the space left to show off the graffiti style of art.

As far as the connection to the Banksy Flower Bombing Birdie goes, there is none. The Banksy name has been used quite a bit and his works often feature flowers or birds. It is possible that he may have gotten the idea from one of his many stencils. However, it is probably best that we leave this subject alone.

There Is No Direct Connection to the Banksy Flower Bomber

There is one thing that we can connect to Banksy’s style though and that is repetition. His stencils feature a lot of repetition. He makes use of solid colors and large blocks of color to create unique shapes and then uses those shapes to make different styles of art. He repeats these designs over again on all of his pieces. This is done not only with flowers but with cars, shoes, phone booths, cuddly animals, etc.

If You Are Going To Give A Banksy Flower Bomber As A Gift

You should definitely get it as a whole piece with the entire stencil/ print on it. That way it will stand out as an original piece and not just a replica. Replicas will never take away from an original.

The Banksy Flower Bomber is a great gift idea for any occasion. It can be given as a birthday or wedding gift. It can be given as a gift to someone who is really into Banksy and his work. It is a great way to show your support and appreciation for Banksy and the art that he inspires.

Find A Banksy Flower Bomber In A Number Of Places

There are a lot of online sites that will sell you a piece or a complete flower bomber. Or, you could go straight to a Banksy piece in an art show. Most of the Banksy pieces you will find at an art show are from his most recent works.

You can even have your flower bomber custom-made. Banksy is known for coming up with truly unique creations, so you have nothing to lose. A good piece of custom art will cost you between five hundred and one thousand dollars. It’s really up to you which route you want to go. Just make sure that you do a fair amount of research before you invest this kind of money into your collection.

A Banksy flower bomber can look very simple. But, you have to keep in mind that these are works of art. The artist took time to think of a concept and then put it into a physical form. This means that you need to take the time to think about what it is that you want. If you are looking for something that you can use in your home, consider buying a piece of Banksy art instead of buying a fake piece.

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