Beautiful Desert Safari in Dubai

A magical and memorable evening will take place in the desert. Look at the sun as you go down the dunes to our traditional Bedouin camp where you’ll have a delicious dinner. A journey to Dubai is not complete without a desert experience.  Desert safaris are now known worldwide for their fun and adventurous nature. This unforgettable tour begins the afternoon by traveling in a 4×4 Gray line vehicle through the deserts of Dubai. During an exciting journey over the golden desert sands you will enjoy a number of photo stops.

You will then drive through the desert to witness one of the highlights of a journey through the Arabic deserts, the beautiful Arabian sunset. The menu includes dune bashing, henna experience, sand boarding, meeting and connection to camels, and an excellent BBQ dinner with entertainment in the evening. Whether you choose our standard safari or superior safari, the experience is the same, with a difference in camp quality similar to a 4 or 5 stars hotel.

Desert safari adventures can be enjoyed throughout the year, with a summer safari attracting you. First, in the center of the desert (at night) it’s cooler than in the city. Low humidity and ground water levels in the wilderness prevent the heat during daytime from being retained once the sun goes down.

When the highway track is replaced by sand, a sense of adventure begins, where the drivers deflate the pneumatic pressure of the car, allowing it to move over the soft ground without sinking in. Then the guests will enjoy a thrilling off-road roller-like stretch about an hour, which will pump your adrenaline. It usually winds around the sunshine and coincides with the opportunity to take unbelievable photographs of the desert sunset. From there, bands will set up their way to the traditional desert camp for an Arab evening full of mezze and bbq dinners for fun, including camel rides and henna painting.

The desert safari is one of Dubai’s most popular day trips to visitors. People from around the world come to see its dunes and see how Bedouin life was before the city became a tourist hub. Desert safaris are nothing short of exciting, fascinating and a fantastic way to indulge in the local culture, and also to have the rare chance to see the desert directly.

I also share my experience when I visit Desert Safari then this is a fantastic experience in the wilderness in the dunes. Of course, not because of the faint heart. I could understand if there was a queue and we were the first people to arrive, slightly disappointed by the camel ride that literally was 10 feet away and back again. Nevertheless we could not forget the night entertainment, very entertaining. Food are very delicious. In total, a good experience for the price we paid and were recommending was something that should not be missed to only see the sunset over the desert dunes.

DesertAdventureGroup  works as a tourist business in Dubai on the principles of commitment, assurance and core values.

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