Benefits and Challenges of Social Media Using in the Classroom


Social media is becoming an essential part of our lives. It is not only an entertainment source but also the best source of learning. Most people are using different social media sites; at least they have one account on these websites. Social media is also the best or essential part of education. Social media provides a lot of benefits to students. With benefits, social media also has some challenges. It is thought that it is just a waste of time because it diverts the student’s minds.

However, if we see the internet users, then most of the users are teachers and students. The reason is that social media influences a lot the students. Moreover, this article will discuss the benefits and challenges of social media in the classroom.

Benefits of social media

Social media provides a lot of benefits to the education industry. In the classroom, there are using different techniques. We all know that the traditional methods of education are now changed. Some benefits that social media provide to students in the classroom are:

  1. Social media is the best tool for getting information
  2. Social media aids research
  3. Social media improves and enhance the learning of students
  4. Communication
  5. Brand development

Social media is the best tool for getting information.

Today students can not live without using social media. By following different pages and groups of different social media sites, students can get information. They will keep in touch with the latest information and knowledge. There are many online resources like custom assignment writing uk and other educational sources that students can approach through social media. When students have enough knowledge, they can take a better part in their classroom. But first, students should behave on the websites in this way they can receive this information.

Social media aids research

It is beneficial for all those students that require research for their academic activities. The social media aids research provided on different platforms of social media, websites, or blogs. These platforms allow students to do a different search for a specific topic or can get correct results. The students also have the opportunity to as questions from strangers or their fellow students. It is beneficial for students because they can get all the necessary information required for their studies.

Social media improves and enhance the learning of students

Social media helps students to improve their learning individually or also improve the overall standard of school learning. Students on social media come across articles, quotes, documentaries, materials, stories, and status updates that will help students learn more than they want to. The grammar skills students can improve through these approaches.


Social media also plays a vital role in students’ lives because it allows them to communicate easily with their fellows, friends, or teachers without any physical connection. Students can easily make relationships or make new friends on social media. It offers the best opportunities for students for their learning. Students can join study groups on social media where they can discuss their course topics with others.

Brand development

It is said that students only will pass the school when they want to pass. Most students are encouraged to create their brand in the school. So social media is the best tool that helps promote students’ brands or increase their audience. On social media, students can promote their brand without wasting any money. Social media provides many different ways for students to express what they are. Students can post videos, photos, write articles, short stories, create content, proms, write blogs, or many other things.

Disadvantages of social media

Social media also have some advantages for education. These advantages are not suitable for students’ performance and schools standards. That is, we know that anything has benefits and challenges. We can’t remove the whole challenge. We can try to overcome these challenges. So if these challenges will try to be overcome, social media will be the more critical part of students’ lives.

  1. It is addictive
  2. It is distractive
  3. Cyberbullying
  4. Develop poor time management in students
  5. Students become lazy due to social media
It is addictive

Social media is also a big distraction for most students. When students start using social media sites, they become addicted to using social media. They not only use social media for their learning purpose, so they feel more trouble during exams. When they don’t pay full attention to their study or get poor marks, it will badly affect students’ overall performance.

It is distractive

The distractions sometimes lead us towards destruction. When students become more distracted due to social media, they face the destruction of their academic performance and excellence. The big reason to join schools for students is that they want to have an excellent academic performance to lead them towards higher grades.


Cyberbullying is a very harmful challenge of social media. In cyberbullying, people are bully others by using electronic communication. Like they can be sending messages to torture them or threaten them. On social media, several students are taking bullying cases or their lives. With this behavior, students destroy their study careers.

Develop poor time management in students

Time management is essential for students’ lives. Without proper time management, they cant be successful in their study. In schools, all the classes of students are fixed according to time table. When students are not conscious of time management, they can take their classes at the proper time. When one student spends a lot of their time on social media or ignores other things, it means their time management ability will become poorer.

Students become lazy due to social media.

The students also become lazier in their performance due to social media. When they require any project work, they have the option of copy or paste. They took information or material from social media sites and put it on their work. They don’t go to libraries or do some search to find accurate material. So in this way, students don’t try or struggle; they just become lazy day by day.

However, we discussed some challenges of social media for students. But it also provides many benefits to students. That’s why students should become courteous and disciplined to use social media. In this way, they can get maximum benefits with the use of social media.

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