Best Cloud Dedicated Server In India Godaddy Or eWebguru?

Website hosting services make websites work, ensuring that all online services are up 24/7. This is an expensive affair and many companies that are serious about hosting quality websites, outsource them to expert companies.

similarly, Dedicated servers  are the obvious choice for hosting high traffic websites, eCommerce stores. Technically, a dedicated server is a traditional method of hosting where users buy or rent a server from a hosting service provider and agree to pay a certain amount for services provided regardless of their use. This service includes dedicated server hardware, network connectivity, and power as well as the maximum amount of special computing resources available to users.

 There are many website hosting services in India that help in web hosting, but one that suits your budget and at the same time offers great quality is hard to come by. You need to do thorough research and examine the reviews obtained from customers who have used them to understand what they are doing and how efficient they are.

About Godaddy’s Dedicated Server Hosting 

GoDaddy is a web hosting company that offers a variety of solutions for domain name registration, website development, WordPress site hosting, SSL security, professional e-mail, and more. It is one of the largest and highest-profile web hosting companies all over the world. User-friendliness is the main characteristics of GoDaddy services. From the hassle-free control panel to hosting and direct domain management, you can get a Linux server with a new domain. And if you have a problem or question, satisfying customer service is another benefit of using GoDaddy.

If you are someone who is looking for more than a web hosting plan then Godaddy is the best choice because it offers a variety of web-related products and services. From building to hosting your site, GoDaddy offers competitive prices that you can’t let go off.

 About eWebGuru Dedicated Server Hosting

Being an industry for more than eight years, and building a good reputation for customers in India as well as the US, eWebGuru has become the best and reliable web hosting service. The company currently host more than 25,000 websites. eWebGuru offer four shared hosting packages for Linux and Window users. With their excellent customer support and plans, ensure that their customers who win in their facilities remain satisfied and happy. Having an unlimited hosting and bandwidth package with a basic plan and so on. A platform that more than hundreds of people choose every day for their web hosting related services.

 Why Do You Prefer eWebGuru?

eWebGuru has been one of the best hosting providers in India since 2003. The eWebGuru host provider offers exceptional features from its dedicated cloud hosting service with a high level of security along with various SSL products.

 Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting Features Offered by eWebGuru

  • All hosting packages under a special type of cloud server offered by eWebGuru are specifically designed to handle websites and applications with high traffic.
  • Webmasters and site owners can gain an edge in site performance by hosting their site with a dedicated eWebGuru cloud server.
  • Special cloud servers are equipped with special add-on prices for custom OS, special RAM, custom hard disks, and to obtain additional IP addresses.

Plan Comparison of Godaddy and eWebGuru

GoDaddy is known as a domain seller and is very good for personal and commercial web hosting purposes. GoDaddy’s budget hosting is good for people who want a small website and just want to show off their online presence. However, if you plan to use a CMS like WordPress, GoDaddy has many restrictions for you. 

While eWebGuru provides dedicated servers at cheap price in India. eWebGuru has a variety of hosting solutions for cloud dedicated servers, with several supporting services such as website design, logo design, and search advertising.

Whether VPS servers or dedicated servers At eWebGuru, both housed in their world-class Tier IV data centers that boast RAID redundancy, redundant power supplies, redundant networks, multi-home carrier-neutral bandwidth, and more. You can get uplink bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps, and the server is fully managed for your peace of mind. Dedicated servers and VPS are both supported by a 100% SLA uptime guarantee. 

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Cloud Dedicated Server from eWebGuru

  • Advanced Technology: eWebGuru has a server that is suitable for hosting all types of sites. With eWebGuru, webmasters can host e-commerce sites, blogs, financial sites, CMS-based sites, video sites, and so on. eWebGuru offers every type of website and advanced technical specifications.
  • High Reputation: The reputation is a big factor for the hosting industry. Over the years, eWebGuru provides the best in the hosting industry because it gets a high level of reputation among its clients.
  • Specialties and Area of Focus: eWebGuru understands their clients required and design their cloud-dedicated plans accordingly.
  • Durable Hardware: eWebGuru has superior hardware in the hosting industry, with its high-quality hardware guaranteeing 100% reliability and 99.9% uptime.
  • Future Proof for your Site: eWebGuru matches the developing digital world and has been in vogue for more than 15 years in the hosting industry. Hosting sites with eWebGuru will be proof in the future.
  • Pricing and Support: eWebguru’s offers 24/7 technical customer support with all of hosting and pricing plans and the pricing starts very low for web hosting even cheaper than other already very affordable Indian hosting providers.


If you compare these hosting providers to find the best website hosting for you. The two options above provide good value for money and services in India. But you can enjoy more of the benefits of hosting sites with a dedicated cloud server by choosing a package from eWebGuru.

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