Best Hairstyles in Top Salons in KPHB Colony for Women


If you are here, you must probably be one of those women who are bored of their current hairstyles and want to get a suitable trendy haircut during the pandemic. So, here we have compiled the list of best hairstyles that can be done for curly or silky hair. But, before choosing any of them, make sure that you select a top hair salon in Kukatpally that can help you get a customized haircut.

Curtain Bangs:

The best part of the curtain bangs haircut is that they elevate the look of any casual hairstyle to the next level. Whether you are wearing a messy bun at home or a sleek ponytail to hang out with friends for a while, the curtain bangs gives you the desired look of the day. However, only a great hairstylist in Kukatpally can do the curtain bangs hairstyle appropriately. Because curtain bangs leave a huge disappointment when done wrong. Also, ask your stylist to suggest you the best hairstyles that can complement the curtain bangs.  

The Shag Hairstyle:

There are many versions of shag that have been on and off in history. But, with many women now more inclined towards curtain bangs in 2020, shag haircuts have become the new trend. The best part of this haircut is its ability to compliment any head shape. If you prefer short haircuts, you must try this fantastic classy yet sassy hairstyle at least once. But, enquire whether the hair salon for women can do this to avoid the fuss later. Many famous south celebrities like Samantha, Trisha have already nailed trying this haircut their way. 

Low Maintenance Cuts:

With lockdown prevailing in many parts globally, people are now working remotely; everyone has now adapted to a simple lifestyle. Everything a woman wears from head to toe contributes to defining her style. Haircut plays its part in adoring the style. One such simple haircut of 2021 is the low maintenance cuts. The style goes good with any casual costume and doesn’t lose its vibe even when you air-dry the hair. Almost any women’s hair salon in Kukatpally must have added this to their styling list as simple as the new rich during the lockdown.

Asymmetric Bob:

Summer in India usually comes with a high temperature in many parts of the country. Many women find it irritating to have their hair touching the body. For the same, the asymmetric bob is one haircut that never goes out of style. A haircut is also the best way to emphasize your neck and face. So head off to the best hairstylist for women in Kukatpally and ask him to do the best asymmetric bob and enjoy fizzle-free hair this summer.

Face Framing Layers:

This classic haircut is a perfect summer hairstyle. When you love short hair but don’t want to look savage, you can go for it. The cut comes with shorter layers around your face that will enhance your features and keep long hair out of your face on hot summer days. However, this hair might not serve its purpose and becomes a regular layer hairstyle if not done up to the mark. Make sure you select an experienced salon for a woman in Kukatpally with a hairstylist to give you the desired look of the face-framing layers. 

These are a few hairstyles that many famous women follow in India and other parts of the world. So be sure to be the woman who doesn’t follow the fashion and maintains a style. Browse and choose the best hair salon for women in Kukatpally to get any of the above hairstyles and stay cool during summer. 

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