Best methods involves Liposuction which provide ultimate satisfaction to get desired level


LIPOSUCTION is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that are opted these days by people for removal for fat.       With this procedure the surgeons  remove subcutaneous fat from different parts of the body.   The patients remove body fat from  the abdomen, chest, arms, back or thighs.Liposuction can be done by different techniques successfully these  days.  Hence  to dislodge fat cells and aspirate out gently by suction .

Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery  running successfully worldwide.

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  At the initial stage To prepare subcutaneous fat and other tissues tumescent infiltration is done.   The infiltration of solutions containing normal saline, local anesthetic drugs and adrenaline .

  Local anesthesia is mostly given to patients to numb the area and for starting the  procedure.

   Then Adrenalin  given to patient,which constricts the blood vessels and prevent blood loss.

 Then for about  10 minute medical solution is allowed to act on the fat tissues.

                                    DIFFERENT METHODS OF LIPOSUCTION


 A traditional or old method of liposuction used by plastic surgeons for last many decades. the fat cells are disrupted by mechanical force used by a conventional cannula, in this method. It  likely to injure small nerves and blood vessels.

 By avulsion force to dislodge fat cells . Nowadays, Water jet lipo has taken the place of  this conventional method of liposuction.  It is a  newer advanced method.

Power assisted Liposuction – PAL
PAL  procedure involves a cannula . It vibrates at its tip to dislodge the fat cells. It works very   efficiently.

 Laser assisted Liposuction- LAL

    Fat cells get melted by laser. It is advised in areas like double chin etc.  It is mostly used in those areas where there is very low volume of fat is to be aspirated.

 Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is mostly matched with as liposuction. It uses a special cannula .  It  produces ultrasonic energy at its tip and breaks down fat cells to melt or liquefy fat cell. This liquefied fat is suctioned out easily .  Then by gently using a low pressure vacuum it helps.  It does not affect or harm other structures as nerves , blood vessels or muscles and it is very  selective to acts only on fat cells .

Waterjet liposuction – Body jet by Humans

There is a special cannula  used in this method.  It provides a powerful yet gentle spray of water at its tip to dislodge the fat cells.   This is an advanced suction machine incorporated into the same machine  used by surgeons.   It allows better aspiration of fat cells rather than traditional methods.    This method of Liposuction is gentle ,best and safe also.

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