Buy the best juicer? Read this first


So do you think you are ready to enter the juice scene? Do you want to buy a juicer? 

Congratulations. But wait, not only are there many juicer manufacturers out there, there are many different types of juicer on the market.

You have to be careful to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Please take a few minutes to read this article before continuing. It will give you a good guide in choosing.

After reading the article, go back and think about the following:

What kind of juice do you want to make?

How serious are you and how much do you want to spend?

Which functions are important to you?

Then you should be much better able to find the right juicer for you.

Types of juicers

Chew Juicer:

 Chew juicers are the top class for the home Best Breville Juicer for Celery. These juicers work by crushing / crushing the vegetables / fruits to extract the juice. They are generally more expensive, but they are more versatile and offer several advantages over other types of juicers.

Juicers – Juicers are probably the most common juicers purchased by the average household juicer. As the name suggests, these centrifuges work by centrifugal force. The vegetables / fruits are fed into a rotating basket with a grater / grinder. When grating vegetables / fruits, the force of centrifugal force separates the juice from the pulp. They are generally less expensive than their chewable cousins.

Manual Citrus Juicer –

 Similar to a chewing juicer, but operated by hand. There are several types: the old stainless steel “meat grinder” your grandmother used, and several modern versions that take inspiration from electric chew juicers.

Citrus juicer – 

Citrus juicers are specially designed for citrus fruits. They are available in electrical and mechanical versions and work on the principle of extracting juice from the fruit.

Wheatgrass Juicers: 

Wheatgrass juicers are specially designed for wheatgrass and other green leafy vegetables. They exist in electrical and mechanical models. Highly specialized. If you are looking for a wheatgrass Best Breville Juicer for Celery, you are not in the audience for this article.

Properties / Benefits of Chew Juicers

Chew juicers operate at slower speeds than centrifugal machines – the extraction process takes longer, but this design has many advantages see below.

Quieter operation than centrifugal machines

Produces juice with higher nutrient content and longer shelf life – slower crushing process results in juice with much less air, so oxidation (which destroys nutrients) takes longer

Produces more juice per vegetable / fruit – uses less vegetables / fruit, reduces costs over time,

Better manage green leafy vegetables for example, spinach, parsley, cilantro and most can handle important wheatgrass.

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