Check Safety Mechanism


In addition to the garage door opener and the door itself, modern garage door openers now     use safety devices to prevent damage and injury. For example, sensors are devices located on either side of a garage door. They emit a signal at the level. It prevents the clogged door from closing to avoid damage to the car or injury to the person directly below the door. The sensor and opener have a limit switch that flips the closed door if you think you hit something or someone when closed.

This safety device protects the garage and people and should be checked during the maintenance routine.

How to keep your garage doors torsion springs on a regular basis

The garage doors are great. Most Texas homeowners use it in the second statement. As most homeowners know, garage doors work with torsion springs.

Garage Door Torsion  Springs store energy to help raise and lower the door safely. As the   name implies, we are constantly under pressure. This garage door torsion spring maintenance tip will help you keep your garage door running smoothly for many years.

What You Need

You only need a sturdy ladder, rows, and a little three-in-one oil can perform the  tips  described in this guide.

Power Off The Garage Door Opener

The garage Door Opener power is isolated and disconnected from the available device. Next, take a closer look at the torsion shaft of the garage door opener with a sturdy ladder. This is a long bar at the top of the garage door that the torsion spring wraps around. You  can find the  end brackets from both ends of the torsion shaft insulated double garage door.

Torsion shaft inserts bar on end bracket. Inspect this bar while lifting the garage door a few inches to ensure that the torsion shaft rotates smoothly.  If this is not the case, the torsion  springs need to be removed and properly lubricated, which is best left  to  a  garage  door service expert. The bracket on the other end also performs the same inspection.

The next step is to check the condition of the center mounting bracket. This is a bracket to

which the fixing brackets of the two torsion springs are bolted. Make  sure  the  center  mounting bracket is firmly seated, and the torsion shaft rotates cleanly. If there is any build-

up of sediment on the torsion shaft, use a file to smooth it out. Make sure the spring is     secured to the center mounting bracket even when the door is open. If not, tighten the bolts holding the two springs together. There are also bushings on the inside of the two retaining brackets mounted to the central mounting bracket. In case of contact, apply a small amount of lubricant.

If the door is working correctly and there were no problems in the previous steps, refuel the torsion spring and support hardware.

Apply Garage Door Lubricant

Apply lubricant to all automotive parts, including all bearings, trucks, door moves, all-wheel rollers, shaft rollers. Some care should be taken when lubricating the  torsion  springs.  Lubricate the complete length of the torsion spring, except for the last inch in front of the winding bracket. Lubricant adheres to the winding bracket. The spring can be released naturally. Open and close the garage door numerous times to properly disperse the lubricant throughout. Connect to the garage door opening mechanism and reconnect the motor unit to   the power supply.

Call Warrior Garage Door Dallas Repair

If you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t have time to take care of your garage door opener yourself, you should seek the help of a garage door spring service specialist. Do not forget    that the torsion spring is under tremendous tension, which can be dangerous. If your garage door opener is defective, we recommend that you contact Warrior Garage Door Dallas Spring Repair Services rather than having it repaired yourself.

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