Choose Right Shade of Contouring with These MUA Approved Tips


Contouring enhances the features and bone structure of the face— it transforms the facial aesthetics and how!

When it comes to applying makeup, contouring is a popular technique to contour the facial shape. However, most of us can be needing more than just the dentition of technique. Whether you’re just getting started or trying to improve your contouring skills, the first and most important step is choosing the right tone. It is just like finding the right foundation for medium skin tone. Regardless of stroke and artistic dexterity, wrong shades can lead to makeup disaster.

In today’s post, we will be sharing some tips and suggestions to get the shade that hugs your skin tone like a glove. 

Pay Attention to The Shadows

Contouring the face simply entails darkening specific areas where you wish to provide more definition, for example, the nose, jawline, chin, and cheekbones. You can sculpt these areas to accentuate, define, or even recede your own facial features, regardless of your face shape. So, when it comes to choosing the proper contour shades— you want to focus on the hue of your face shadow. Still, confused? Worry not, we’ve prepared a quick and easy guide below—

·If you have light-to-medium skin tones, go for neutral taupes that look almost exactly like the shadow on your face.

· If you have tanned and olive skin tones, go for contour shades with deeper undertones— say golden undertones.

· If you have a dark skin tone, go for the darkest contour shades like dark brown balanced correctly with blue or red corrector shades. 

 Make Use of the Proper Blending Tools

The right makeup tools massively impact the final outcome of your makeup drill. It also allows a smoother and correct product application without being patchy. The same applies to contouring— get the right contour brush for effortless blending and brushes can decide how your contour looks.

A fluffy brush helps the contour spread and settle properly. If you want more definition, you can go with a smaller-sized brush with a heavy density. In either case, remember to start off slow. Hasting the process may mess up the contouring, leading to starting all over again, and of course, wasting the precious product. 

 Where And When to Start Contouring 

Start contouring after the application of foundation and concealer. Ideally, you would want to begin sculpting after you’ve achieved the desired complexion. Now, when it comes to where to start contouring, experts suggest starting with the spots where the sun strikes your face such as the forehead. Then, work your way to other parts you wish to sculpt. If in case you’ve overdone the contouring (which can happen), use your foundation brush and sweep out the excess product for a more natural look.

Contour Texture: Cream or Powder

Contouring products are either pressed powder form or cream-based. Given that these two variants have different textures, you want to find out which one of the two best flatters your artistic ability and of course, your skin. 

Powder contouring is best suited for people with an oily skin type as it provides a matte finish. 

Cream contouring suits well for people with dry skin as it provides a radiant and illuminating finish. 

Go For a Contour Palette 

High-quality contour palettes with multiple hues in one set can help you get the most out of the product. You can mix the hues to contour and highlight the face structures without having to switch products or brands for that matter. 

Contouring Is All About Having Fun

The most crucial tip is to have fun while contouring your face. Even if it’s your first time, do not stress! Take contouring as any other fun thing to do, and you can pull it off with ease and grace. The more you pressure yourself to execute the perfect contouring, the more it can lead to things going wrong. Go slow, have fun, start easy, and keep practicing— you will eventually figure out what works for your look and what doesn’t. As pointed out in our tips, explore various products, textures, and tools to find the perfect contouring kit! Explore Lotus Herbals’ products page to get started on finding the perfect makeup products and application tools!

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