Common diseases in Malaysia


Malaysia has a population of close to 40 million people. Our country is proven to be susceptible to many different types of diseases. Only when it is constantly spoken about will our awareness be raised and measures be undertaken by the community to overcome certain issues. Prevention is always better than cure.

Coronary heart diseases seem to be a major issue in Malaysia. According to statistics by WHO they lead the race in deadly morbidity and mortality in Malaysia. Coronary heart disease happens when fatty plaques develop in the major arteries leading to inadequate blood flow resulting in an end product of heart attacks and strokes. Although this is a major issue, it must be highlighted that with an active lifestyle and healthy eating these numbers would drastically change.

Diabetes mellitus is also in the charts of the most common problems in Malaysia. It is shocking that This type of diabetes also is due to lifestyle habits and has simple measures that can be undertaken to reduce the cases. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is characterized by high sugar levels in the blood and leads to devastating complications. Complications include cataracts, renal failure, and damage to the nerves of the body. Why would we be so careless to destroy our eyes, kidneys, and our limbs for something we could easily prevent?

Hypertension is a silent killer. Hypertension is said to be when blood pressure is more than the normal mean value on more than two different occasions. Hypertension too can be easily maintained with lifestyle modifications and proper medications. Hypertension is a silent killer because although it puts someone at a high risk of heart diseases and stroke it initially does not show symptoms. It is dreadful for something so easily preventable to take out almost all the big systems of our body.

Lung diseases are also rampant in our country. Smoking causes up to 85% of lung cancers and other forms of severe lung diseases. Every disease mentioned so far comes to us by our choice of actions and activities that are undertaken. It is purely in our hands to make sure we do not fall prey to these diseases. Thousands of people die from lung diseases in Malaysia and it is surely not a peaceful death as these diseases suffocate you with every dying breath that you take.

Although our government is driving towards an HIV-free country. We still have thousands of death regarding this. New advancements in science have seen pharmacological medications prevent those with HIV to get into advanced stages of this dreadful disease. It is a must for us to always educate our young ones about proper sexual education and to avoid them from venturing into activities that are at high risk of developing this virus. The future of the next generation is in our hands.

Last but not least, leptospirosis seems to be very high in the list of common diseases seen in Malaysia. Leptospirosis spreads through rodent urine most commonly rats. Signs and symptoms range from mild to fatal and typically present with acute onset of fever, yellowing of the eyes(jaundice), and also body aches. Apart from this infection, we are also known for Dengue. Dengue can be life-threatening if not treated urgently. We all must take safety measures that are still in our hands to prevent such diseases. Losing a loved one all due because of our carelessness is such a pity story to carry with. Awareness is key and applied knowledge is power. Let us all grow as a better nation together with the efforts to reduce diseases that we can control. Book an appointment today if you feel unsafe and avoid taking risks.

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