Common Types of Custom Boxes


Brands and organizations use packing containers for one of a kind functions in many patterns and designs. At My Box Packaging, we provide numerous one of a kind varieties of corrugated bins for offerings inclusive of groups, manufacturers, e-commerce, subscription field agencies and ad businesses, as we strive to provide the exceptional excellent product for our customers.

We can create a custom container best for your commercial enterprise that protects your products better than preferred inventory-sized containers with our production layout and technology. Learn what number of sorts of corrugated boxes there are and that’s pleasant to your operations beneath.

Different Types of Boxes for Businesses

A corporation’s shipping wishes require stronger, more bulk-pleasant box options than those for residential delivery or packing. Most product or cargo businesses cope with one or greater of the following box kinds:

Corrugated: Corrugated packing containers look similar to fashionable cardboard packing containers but are densely layered with materials varying in thickness. This makes them a spacious, durable option for transport that’s also recyclable. Corrugated bins are to be had in more than one patterns, like clean-fold or custom published designs, and are one of the most price-powerful delivery strategies available. When disassembled and laid flat, you could without problems store and organize them.

Rigid: Rigid boxes offer a greater lavish experience for the give up-person than other field kinds because of their smooth, long lasting design, which lends itself to presentation. Recipients open a field — like a shoebox or a field housing a new cellphone — and the focus is on the product. They are a famous preference for fragile and steeply-priced items and, due to the fact they’re also customizable, they’re best for branding.
Folding: Folding packing containers or cartons are thinner, lighter bins with out the layers corrugated containers offer, but with simply as a good deal versatility. You’re acquainted with folding containers if you’ve ever purchased a tube of lipstick or a box of frozen meals from the grocery shop. Some containers, like packaging boxes, are product-particular, like the branded containers you get with takeout fried rice. These packing containers are without difficulty customizable and brandable, available in multiple shapes and sizes. Their minimal weight makes them smooth to save and deliver.

Mailers: Mailers discuss with two forms of containers within the transport industry — mailer envelopes and mailer packing containers. Mailer envelopes are thick, padded transport envelopes for shifting light-weight or fragile paper gadgets. Mailer boxes, specially C-series mailer packing containers, have a self-locking fold layout that opens like a pizza container.

What makes My Box Packaging unique is your capability to customize any piece of a field or even encompass your business brand. Our custom-sized containers come with a ramification of options, which include RSC shipping bins, C-collection mailers and stop loading containers.

1. RSC Shipping Boxes

Regular slotted box bins, called RSC transport boxes, normally refer to standard corrugated cardboard boxes with foldable flaps you may near with transport tape, staples or comparable adhesives. They are a not unusual choice for product shipping, especially in larger quantities, and may be custom designed to in shape various weights or space regulations. When you believe you studied of conventional delivery strategies, you’re probable imagining RSC delivery packing containers.

Although appropriate for transport, you can need to keep away from stacking these containers when assembled, as they will now not resist the load of each other with out toppling or bending on the corners or near the flaps. When spread out, these packing containers usually lay flat for less difficult garage and enterprise round your warehouse or store. My Box Packaging offers RSC containers within the widths, lengths and custom designs your enterprise wishes.

2. C-Series Mailers

If you’re an e-trade enterprise, C-Series mailer boxes are best. These packing containers are common alternatives for garb and subscription box businesses because of their tapeless layout. C-series containers self-lock for safe, comfy packing. These packing containers, made from durable corrugated cardboard, are extremely flexible. C-series mailer boxes are usually extra highly-priced than different box kinds because of their top class layout and look.

At My Box Packaging, we engineer C-collection mailer boxes to withstand your high-extent shipping desires, and you can design the container to showcase your emblem and offer a higher unboxing method on your quit-user.

Three. End loading bins

End loading boxes are high-quality for large and heavy merchandise as they’ve overlapping flaps on each ends of the container to make certain more protection whilst transporting merchandise. These bins are trending due to the push for sustainability and person experiences.

End loading containers are regularly the exceptional choice for the environment and eco-conscious corporations because they’re certainly one of numerous container sorts crafted from durable corrugated substances, often sourced from different recycled bins and packaging. Cardboard facet load containers defend your objects and keep your corporation’s popularity for sustainability and exceptional provider. They require minimal packing material and are nonetheless very long lasting.

These bins are especially adaptable, and you may use them to deliver many different items, together with:

  • Paintings and other paintings
  • Important documents or documents
  • Attachable ground or wall panels
  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Decor pieces
  • Manufacturing supplies

End loading packing containers can be a perfect answer for stability, durability and safety for the proper products. If you’re searching out a container that could keep up in opposition to the pressure of transport or need to decrease the need for an abundance of filler and packing fabric, the added energy of give up loading boxes may be simply the answer you’ve been seeking out.

Learn approximately custom field options at My Box Packaging

The right shipping boxes can make or ruin your corporation’s recognition and suggest the distinction among a product that arrives effectively to its recipient or gets damaged in transit. Durable bins are essential, and they should be sized to suit your custom specs and weight requirements for top-quality fee financial savings and efficiency. You additionally want your enterprise’s branding showcased so your customers understand who you’re and could consider your call once they’re geared up to reorder a product.

At My Box Packaging, we permit you to decide the pleasant kind of box to your agency’s transport wishes. Design your own custom bins and get immediate pricing, or attain out to a Bolt Box consultant these days to research extra about our shipping and print services.

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