Construction Accident Claims 


Most buildings are designed and constructed with a lot of care. However, construction accidents can still happen. Construction workers are constantly at risk when working on their jobs and are often prone to construction accidents. If you have been injured in a construction accident, contact consultants and get legal help immediately. 

Injuries from collapses or cave-ins 

Construction workers can face a wide range of injuries depending on the materials involved in the accident and the job location. In a lot of cases, construction accidents result in fatalities. Some of the causes of construction accidents may be: 

  • Structure collapse 

Even if it is a partial collapse in the building, falling buildings can still be lethal. Structural failure can result from defects in construction, improper materials, engineering flaw in the design of the building, or failure to follow the design plans of the building. 

  • Trench collapse 

Employees must be protected from trench boxes if they encounter cave-ins at an excavating site. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), some laws require shielding, shoring, or sloping protection, which is used to hold back soil on the walls of a trench if there is an evacuation of five feet or more. 

  • Roof collapses 

A roof collapse can happen due to several reasons, such as heavy load or machines placed on the roof, using cheaper building materials, or failing to identify a collapse risk during inspections. 

  • Foundation failure 

The foundation of a building may not be able to bear the weight of the building on top of it if it is not designed or constructed properly. A foundation collapse can happen anytime during construction and is a big threat to construction workers. 

  • Slips in gravel, mud, or sand 

They are usually stored in piles to avoid the sand or soil spilling into open areas or swallowing the workers. Since rainfall and other elements can cause these piles to shift, the contractors should plan the location for these with utmost care. 

What can cause a structural collapse or failure? 

Many factors can contribute to a structural failure, leading to a building collapse. These happen when the building faces: 

  • Bending 
  • Shearing 
  • Buckling 
  • Tensile failure 
  • Compressive failure 

Speak to a professional today. 

Do not waste time if you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident. Get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney and determine what legal options are available to you and how you can protect your rights. 

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