Creating and Owning Your Linear TV Channel


What is Linear TV?

Linear TV, simply put, is the traditional method of watching TV. The content is delivered through cable, over the air, or satellite. The viewer watches the TV program when it is being broadcast, as per the schedule which has been pre-decided by the service provider. So, the viewers have to tune into the channel to watch the program they would like to watch at the scheduled time.

Linear TV has maintained its viewer base despite the emergence of OTT platforms. Several factors contribute to the continued popularity of Linear TV, such as live events, sports, and gaming shows where that audience can cast its vote and be an active participant. In addition, linear TV has a long-standing infrastructure that enables it to cover and broadcast global news and huge events. Linear TV now uses cloud-based technology and its robust infrastructure to keep its market share in the broadcasting world.

Creating Your Own TV Channel:

Creation TV Channel has never been as easy as it is now, with the advent of FASTs. FAST stands for Free AD-Supported Streaming TV. These channels stream the kind of programs that people would have to pay to watch TV, such as old movies on demand.

Creation of your Own TV Channel:

  • It is easy to create Linear TV channeleven with no prior knowledge of coding. You can choose between creating a linear TV channel or an on-demand TV channel. You can customize your TV channel with your logo, brand colour, and the social media links of your company, which match your company’s existing style.The type of content can be Linear or OnDemand.
  • There are various Apps and companies that help you and make it easy for you to operate a 24×7 linear TV channel with continuous programming. You can schedule the programming daily or weekly by giving access to the content at predetermined times. The audience sees the content like they would on a Linear TV platform.
  • All the content and videos are uploaded to our cloud storage. Tag the videos, add and schedule them for viewing on your channels.
  • Embed the TV channel on your website or web app. It is very quickly done using the embed code on your website. All changes that you make in the scheduling will be reflected automatically without having to replace the code. These embedded TV channels are compatible with all platforms such as smart TVs, web, android, IOS.
  • You can also live stream and broadcast real-time content on your TV channel.

Why choose Linear TV?

Linear TV channels are an easy and affordable way of creating your ownTV channel, allow you to stream and broadcast real-time content, schedule shows, movies, and videos.  It enables you to embed the video player on any website or web app, increasing the viewership. The availability of significant viewing content can attract a more extensive audience base interested in watching content that is new or has been stored away.

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