Deadly system defects in the American education system


Recently, of course, today, I actually saw a video on Facebook that explains the basic social and historical facts, events, and simple questions about the people in power in our country. The result was amazing! Complete failure and failure to report all people, places and events. I repeat … ONK.

In the United States, the formal Study In Pak system is designed to provide basic education to the people and to meet the requirements of the Industrial Revolution. Is it that easy? So why don’t we acknowledge or acknowledge that needs are different today? Since then, there has been no new definition or evolution of the education system. This is very dangerous because it determines the failure of the platform before it becomes a combination of ignorance in our country.

Let’s see the reason and the solution.

1. Close to business!

Schools depend on social norms and financial constraints for their livelihood. Corollary: Schools across the country are closing at an alarming rate. The decision to close the school rarely reflects the needs of the community and, most importantly, the needs of the students!

Children’s societies seem to care less about the educational needs of their children than the economic needs of the school location. Where was the federal government when this happened? They should be partially blamed. Government rhetoric speaks volumes about the need for affordable, quality education, as well as urging the school system to comply with special federal directives to link school aspirations to political aspirations. Lots of federal support.

2. Two gallons of milk in one gallon container!

So how many kids can you keep in the classroom and still teach effectively? It depends on whether you teach the children or provide daycare. I know this is very serious, but look at the activity in schools today. They take your babies, keep them, and feed them 6-7 hours a day. In most cases, they are provided with basic discipline and food, and they seldom enter the house! Yes admin. Teachers need to organize their children in a crowded environment where safety is not guaranteed, and parents need to sit down to meet basic needs that are unnecessary, ignorant, or incomplete. Wait, what about education? Well, at least they didn’t go down without explaining themselves first.

Second, due to the limitations of federal guidelines, children are taught cookie-cutter styles of personal tolerance, creative minimalism, and individual tolerance to grow up. Basic education with basic indications that meet the basic standards of children meets the basic needs of others. It is unfortunate that this is done in crowded classrooms, where one person forces teachers to “teach” another child. How effective is it?

3. If you always do what you do … you will always get what you have!

How can we take better care of our children when their parents are less educated? It should be understood that due to this vicious cycle of education, ignorant children are being born, ignorant children are being born and so on. Nowadays poor economy or lack of opportunities makes life difficult for parents and even their children have very little time to study at home. Participation is also important, especially when parents have minimal education and do not have the foresight and experience to guide a young person in the right direction. The result is a system in which students are constantly failing, ruining the future of the country. Even if you are poor and find it difficult to cope with daily life, it does not matter if you try to maintain your career and career. Home education is harmful anyway.

4. Once shown!

I was once called a fool. I can never learn because I do not have the basic ability to understand or comprehend what the common man should know. Can you imagine, well, today I am looking for a PhD in education. As a teacher with a higher education and multiple degrees, I have been formally recognized for my teaching ability and performance. If so, get it!

In order to oppose the child, the child must recognize his own worth as an individual. Children have the ability and capacity to do something that they need to recognize quickly and firmly.

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