Difference between Baby Stroller and Baby Pram


Every parent opt wheeled device to carry the baby along with them while going outside or maybe for a walk. This best way allows parents to walk freely and keep their arms relaxed and pain-free.

There are many carriages available in the Indian market in different sizes, colours and brands. Infect a huge confusion between baby stroller and baby pram still exists. If you are one of them who have curious to know the difference between the two then you come tothe right place. Here is some aspect that can help you to choose which one is right for your baby.

Baby Stroller – A Complete Description

A baby stroller is a wheeled child or baby carriage that is designed for that baby whose age is around 2-3 years. In simple words, for a baby who can sit properly and will be able to hold himself or herself then the baby stroller is a perfect choice. The stroller gives proper support to the baby and helps them to sit upright. Generally, people call them buggy or pushchair or stroller. They are usually offered a restraint system along with their seats which contain a safety belt, crotch strap and safety harness. Nowadays, they are popular among all parents.

Baby Pram – A Complete Description

A baby Pram is thoughtfully designed for those babies who are newborns and cannot sit properly. This baby carriage has a soft flat bottom which allows the parent to lay the baby in it. The wheels are also very strong and sturdy. Needless to say, a pram is suitable for parents who can carry a baby with their walk. Your baby can also protect from sun, heat and dust by using baby prams because they come with a canopy.

Baby Stroller Vs Baby Pram – Difference

Being a parent-baby safety is your primary responsibility. No matter which will you choose just make sure about the baby comfort. Let’s discuss a complete difference.


A baby stroller is most suitable for toddlers who can sit straight or can sit properly. On the other hand, the baby pram is only meant for infants and newborns.


Both are baby carriage but appearance makes a perfect difference. They both have wheels but the only difference is that a baby stroller seems like a chair on wheels while a baby pram seems like a carrier on wheels.


In the British language, a baby stroller is known as a buggy whereas some people called it a pushchair or stroller.

Security and Safety

The stroller has safety belts while the pram is just opposite to the stroller.


Strollers are comparatively lightweight and movable. A baby pram is too bulky and heavy.


The baby stroller is near to the ground while a pram is high above the land or ground.

Final Words: Choosing a stroller or pram is solely depending on the parents, baby’s age and weight. Both are equally sturdy and well built. Make sure, your baby feels relaxed while sitting or lying.

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