Discovering the Ultimate Family Adventures at Desaru Coast’s Kid-Friendly Destinations – A Fun-Family Vacation to Remember! 



Imagine a place where you can bask in the endless sun and soak up the tropical serenity with no rush, while your kids run around having the time of their lives – that’s Desaru for you. From a sandy tract that offers the best sort of beach fun and water parks, Desaru invites you to a memorable family vacation. Before you get into the fun activities you can occupy yourself with during your time here, a few aspects of a family vacation in Desaru need to be discussed. 

Best Time for a Family Adventure in Desaru 

The dry season is the best time to visit Desaru for a family adventure. The dry months roll around from March to October. Expect dry weather, minimal rainfall, and abundant sunlight. It’s the ideal setting for outdoor activities. 

Avoiding the rainy season, from November to February, will help you ensure that your family can enjoy their vacation uninterrupted by inclement weather. 

Keep in mind that the dry season also happens to be the peak season. As a result, accommodation rates and other prices increase. If you wait until the last minute, you might not be able to find a Desaru resort that meets your expectations. So, start your search early. 

Places to Stay 

Desaru is a popular tourist destination. Matching that description, the place offers a bunch of accommodation options to suit all travellers. Resorts are the preferred choice for most families, and something similar is sure to suit your needs too. When it comes to resorts, Desaru offers variety, with places like Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas boasting cutting-edge amenities and kid-friendly facilities. 

Now onto the good bits!

Beach Activities 

An endless array of beach activities awaits you and your kids in Desaru. 

The soft golden sand in Desaru is perfect for building sandcastles. Get your kids to be creative and put their minds to work while they give life to their elaborate creations. 

The sea here is perfect for an afternoon swim with your kids – remember not to let your kids out of sight. Snorkelling is another popular activity –  you can sign up for a family snorkelling expedition to see various colourful fish and corals that lie beneath the waves. 

Beach volleyball is another fun activity you can try in Desaru. Desaru’s coastline is also perfect for picnicking. Sunset watching is equally fun. If you want more adventure, however, try jet skiing and banana boat riding.   

Desaru Fruit Farm 

A popular agro-tourism destination in Desaru Town, Desaru Fruit Farms sprawls over 180 acres, containing a bunch of fun and educational diversions. The farm offers you an immersive experience in eco-tourism, fruit cultivation, and sustainable agriculture. Here, you can taste tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit, and durian. Plus, you’ll be educated on the techniques used to cultivate and harvest these fruits. Fruit-tasting sessions are the most fun. In addition, the farm offers animal feeding sessions, fishing ponds, and walking trails where you and your kids can immerse yourselves in the unspoiled tropical surroundings. 

Desaru Mini Zoo 

One of the best family attractions in Desaru, Desaru Mini Zoo houses a number of animals. If you kids, you’ll be laying the foundation for them to grow up to be well-rounded individuals – it is said that being around animals and interacting with them from a young age teaches kids empathy and compassion. In today’s world where there’s a severe lack of those valuable qualities, taking your kids to Desaru Mini Zoo where they can interact with animals makes you a good parent. With baby goats, baby otters, and baby chicks, the zoo is a haven for animal lovers. Remember to tell your kids to be gentle with the animals. 

Desaru Alpaca Farm

Looking for a unique experience? Visit Desaru Alpaca Farm. Alpacas aren’t endemic to Desaru, and this farm offers you a rare opportunity to see these animals in tropical surroundings. Owners of the farm are collaborative, and you can expect them to share useful insights with you. 

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Offering another unique experience in Desaru, Desaru Ostrich Farm is a favourite with locals and foreigners alike. About hundred ostriches roam around the park. If you wish, you can feed them too. Plus, there’s a restaurant that serves ostrich omelettes. 

Desaru Waterpark 

Also known as the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Desaru Waterpark is a premier tourist spot in Desaru. Spanning over 20 acres, the park offers various slides and rides, promising you a fun day out filled with adventure. While the thrilling water slides are the main highlight, the park also offers gentler attractions such as lazy rivers, wave pools, and play areas for small kids. 


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