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What is aDOMCOP Group Buy?

A DOMCOP or Dual Domain Offer Plan is a unique scheme where organizations can purchase multiple top-level domain names for one price. Companies that need to create and deploy different domains on the internet can benefit from this unique plan. Domain names purchased under this scheme are usually available for as little as ten dollars per name. This type of purchase helps large organizations to save thousands of dollars while maintaining brand protection.

Why would anyone invest in aDOMCOP?

To answer this question, you must understand how domains are measured by search engines and how buying up multiple domain names will help increase traffic to your website. Domains purchased through aDOMCOP group buy offer companies access to premium domains, expired domains, and even multiple TLDs. Domain names that expire will have significant traffic and SEO value but are unlikely to be renewed due to their low volume availability. Expired domains have a higher chance of being bought back under the refreshed top-level domain (TLD) program offered by aDOMCOP seller.

Domain names that have significant backlinks to them will help boost your SEO rankings. In addition, buying up multiple domains with high quality backlinks will give you a competitive advantage over other businesses that may be launching in the same industry sector. Expiring domains are not only a good way to boost SEO rankings, they are a great way to get highly ranked backlinks from credible sources. Having well-established backlinks to your website will help drive targeted traffic to your site. In addition, the additional backlinks from other well-performing websites will increase your search engine rankings.

Why would anyone sell their expired domains under aDOMCOP group buy?

The primary reason someone would do this is to find domain names at a discount. Expired domain names that have been bought and sold on the secondary market can be extremely valuable. If you are able to purchase a successful domain name at a discount, there are many reasons to try and find a buyer for your property.

The secondary market can be a gold mine for those looking to buy a successful domain name. By putting domain names up for sale in the group buy SEO space, you are able to get the exposure your business needs for a very low price. This is the same as purchasing cheap gold at a garage sale – it’s cheap but it’ll get you what you want. Domains purchased in the group buy SEO space have the potential to earn you thousands of dollars per year. Think about how much traffic you could generate for your business with an extra SEO focused domain name!

Advantage of using DOMCOP

Another advantage of purchasing expired domains is the potential for creating backlinks from these newly purchased domains. Expiration dates often coincide with a major SEO event – such as the release of a new video or SEO friendly blog – which can result in huge amounts of traffic being directed to your website. If you’ve already purchased one or more successful domains in the SEO Tools Group Buy space, it stands to reason that you could potentially create a significant amount of backlinks by purchasing other expired domains. By adding links to your site from these successful sites, you’ll be able to tap into a powerful resource that can increase your bottom line.

You can also make a good amount of money purchasing expired domains by using Google’s Keyword Tool to analyze expired domains based on their search volume and demand. You’ll be able to find out the keywords being searched for most – and by purchasing one or more successful domains you can turn these keywords into great backlinks. The best part about expired domains is that their traffic data is still available and usable – it’s just information that wasn’t used to purchase them. This means that you can use this data to your advantage and purchase expired domains at a significant discount.


The best part about DominoSense and other domain auctions is that the bidding is open to anyone. This means that you can buy a successful domain at a low price and then turn around and sell it for a nice profit. You can even make money by buying and selling expired domains at the same time – and there are many DominoSense groups that have this type of program as well. It makes it easy for people to get in on the action while keeping costs down and providing great backlinks.

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