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We understand many of you may struggle in answering these questions. So, before directly jumping into the main agenda of our blog- antivirus for Android devices. Let’s familiarize you with what is a virus and malware attack and how can it infect our smart devices. 

Why do you need a mobile antivirus? 

A computer virus is a malicious software which when executed inserts its code by modifying other computer programs. In simple terms, viruses are self-replicating programs that modify other software without user permission. This malicious software is programmed to corrupt data, system failure, leak personal data, hijack systems, etc. 

There is a common belief that virus and malware infect only personal computers, desktops and laptops. How we wish it were true! 

However, with the growing demand for smartphones and tablets, work-related data, as well as junk data, is shifting to these devices. Thus, the chances of virus attacks are increasing in smartphones and tablets too, and the only antivirus for Android devices can come to your rescue.

How does your smartphone get infected?

Ways A Virus Attacks Your Smartphone

Let us get a brief understanding of how viruses enter our smartphone even though they are “smart.” 

  1.   Apps from unknown sources

Did you know when the app is downloaded from an unknown source (like a website or unauthorized store) the virus or malware attacks the operating system of your device?

Very often, we tend to download apps from unknown sources and websites. The risk of not downloading apps from Google Play is getting infested by virus attacks. 

  1.   Email links and attachments

Emails have traditionally been the root source of viruses and malware. Whether you count computers or smartphones, emails in any form, have always been dreaded by users. On opening the corrupted links or attachments associated with email content, you are vulnerable to virus or malware attacks.

  1.   Unsecured websites or texts

Quite often, you receive website links on emails or via SMS, clicking on which leads to infected pages that eat up your private data or remotely control your system. More often, children are targeted by online attackers through online chat rooms in game sites and social media network rooms. Be wary of such websites which are suspicious and unsecured! 

  1.   Engaging with another device

Just like a child gets infected by the flu virus when he/she comes in contact with a classmate who is suffering with it, same way our devices function. Connecting your smartphone to a previously infected device can corrupt the phone if your phone is unprotected. Any connections via USB is highly risky and should only be executed only under available mobile antivirus.

  1.   Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth-enabled phones are prone to virus attacks. This may surprise you but open Bluetooth connections are an invitation to virus or malware. Bluetooth phones within the same vicinity can attack each other without your knowledge or ability. Watch out for your phone’s open Bluetooth connection! 

How can the Advanced Phone Cleaner App help?

Now that we understand what a phone virus is and how do they enter the device, let’s unleash your curiosity of how you can safeguard your smartphones and tablets. 

Like many other tech-savvy individuals, we too can shower you with loads of tips and tricks about phone security. However, we value your time and ours and believe in one authentic solution which is the Phone cleaner app

The Advanced phone cleaner app is a valuable and intelligent choice for Mobile Antivirus. Firstly, the app is available for free, and secondly, the quality is flawless. The antivirus consumes optimum time for scanning and showing results. 

The app offers overall protection from viruses and malware. Each time you scan the device for virus content, the app scrutinizes every corner of the device for contamination. Your personal and professional information is safe under the protection of this app.

To take the antivirus protection to another level, Advanced Phone Cleaner offers real-time protection for new apps. Antivirus cleans the existing files and folders, the real-time protection scans for virus or malware in newly installed apps. This confirms 360-degree protection of your device. 

Why choose Advanced Phone Cleaner app?

One Stop Solution For Your Smartphone

In spite of the hundreds of apps making rounds in the play store, you must be wondering why are we forcing Advanced Phone Cleaner app down your throat. Well, good question! 

No doubt the Mobile antivirus and Real-Time Protection are excellent tools to secure your Android device, but the significant difference is the cleaning and optimization process which is offered along with device protection. 

Here are several other benefits to leverage in the Advanced Phone Cleaner App:

  •   Social cleaner– Clean up the random pictures, audios, videos, etc. downloaded from social network sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  •   Battery Booster– Enhance the performance of your battery and enjoy long hours of uninterrupted phone usage.
  •   Speed Booster– Terminate the background running apps that jam pack the RAM and decelerate the device.
  •   Junk cleaner– Get the temporary files – cache, empty folders removed from your junk. Make your phone appear as a new device by deleting all junk files. 
  •   Game Booster– Experience a smooth, prolonged and fast-paced gaming by boosting the game apps. The story of game lagging comes to an end with the game booster.
  •   CPU cooler– Prevent your CPU from overheating while working on multiple applications. Scan the CPU temperature and cool down CPU for multitasking. 
  •   Duplicates Cleaner– Discard those extra images, selfies, and pictures from your storage space by scanning and counting the duplicates. Approve and delete. Simple!
  •   Device Information: Know your device without going into the settings option. All your device information – connections, network, battery life, memory, and internal storage is available on a single page.
  •   Notification manager– Organize your app notifications into a simple icon and de-clutter your notification bar.
  •   File Manager– Discard all the large unutilized files in your storage by employing file manager and make space for relevant data.
  •   Secure Browser– Prevent the unwanted leakage of browser surfing history and cookies by using the phone cleaner’s secure browser.

Aren’t these features thrilling? Care to know more.

Are you ready to install the best antivirus for Android device? 

Mobile antivirus is a rampant issue and only gets stronger with more loopholes in smartphone technology. And like a wise man once said – “Precaution is better than cure,” every individual must safeguard their device data by installing a smart app.

Do not derail your personal and professional goals because of a silly virus, instead, join hands with the Advanced Phone Cleaner mobile antivirus and enjoy a virus-free, fast and efficient phone!


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