Drama diary is a big part of our life

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Theater is a very old concept, and ancient theater is an even more exaggerated process than it is today. The word drama actually means “behavior” and can mean several things.

TV Drama is now known as a kind of acting, but that was not the original intention. The style of drama used in film and theater productions today is very different from that used in ancient times.

The concept of acting a story may have its roots in the Greeks. They are the most famous civilization in the form of dramatic acting that is most commonly known today. In Greek theater there are three different types of theater.

The first is comedy. This is a story with a happy ending, usually meaning that the characters don’t die in the drama. This, in fact, was of great interest to the Greeks at the time. The second form of drama is tragedy.

Of course, this means one or more of the characters in the story die. This is one of the most popular forms of Pinoy Tambayan. The third type of drama is satire. Burlesques are usually parodies of current political or other popular figures. The plays may be similar to today’s Saturday Night Live.

The influence of drama has various influences. Far further than anything from Greece. Over time, they each added their own talents as dramas arrived in other countries. In Europe, typical formulas for Shakespeare’s operas, mysteries and plays were discovered. In places such as Japan and India, the concept of combining acting and dance has developed.

Modern drama is so diverse that it is difficult to study all the different types at once. Of course, there is a more traditional form of drama, drama, followed by more modern dramas such as TV dramas and film plays. Ancient theater is over-staged, but modern drama values ​​realism.

Nowadays, the most coveted acting skills of actors and actresses is the portrayal of various types of emotions and characters. About 80 years ago, the best actors and actresses began to be awarded. Many other awards were added around that time and thereafter.

Modern drama skills are highly valued in modern society. Most of the top actors and actresses make more money than the profession of soldiers and respected medical professionals. There are various acting schools, and almost every university has a drama major.

From the very beginning, theater and acting have always been a big part of people’s lives. The reason for this may be because people want to see what can happen to them, but they never do.

The drama industry has taken advantage of this fact. That’s part of the reason why film and acting are so important to people today, just as dramatic theatrical productions were in ancient times Yayoins.

Plays are not written to decorate shelves, but are written for readers or performed in front of an audience. The audience cannot be separated from the drama. Of course, it was the audience who saw and praised the characters and created fans. It is the audience that resembles emotions and emotions. It is the audience who notices the faults and fights to free society.

Undoubtedly, drama provides both entertainment and instruction for the audience. The scriptwriter selects themes and actors from the community and expresses them in front of an audience. Screenwriters care for their audience by representing them when society is moving in the wrong direction. Therefore, drama is a sophisticated means of elevating the politeness and presence of the audience. The audience must fight them and beat them forever. That’s why the audience is as important as the characters.

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