Dürr India’s Paint Supply – From Standard to Non-Standard Paints


Dürr India is one of India’s leading Paint Supply Systems, as it fulfils every need where specific coating thickness and exceptionally reproducible application are required.

The product offering by Dürr India consists of different versions of the traditional circulating piping system and several automated Piggable non-standard paint supply systems that quickly change colours and ensure minimal loss of paint and purging agent. It also manufactures colour mix rooms where solvent, water-borne paint and anti-caustic coatings are created for the defined application of coatings.

It comprises of mainly three components:

  • EcoSupply P

EcoSupply P, also known as the special paint supply, is a systematic, flexible and piggable paint circulation system appropriate for solvent-borne and water paint. These systems are not only utilised for client-determined and non-standard paint but also applies to small batches of paint as well.EcoSupply P maintains these processes well-organised by ensuring minimal paint loss, short colour change cycle and purging agent consumption.

The main features of EcoSupply P are:

  1. Minimum paint loss
  2. Less paint application
  3. Shortest colour change times
  4. Fully or semi-automatic systems
  5. No drawing off of low runner circles etc.
  • Paint Mix Rooms

Dürr India’s Paint Circulation Systems provide paint mix rooms where the perfect preparation of paint happens. As the solvent, water-based paints and anti-corrosive coatings are created with caution before their application. Dürr India follows the principles of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and quality and supplies integrated, sophisticated processes that cover all the aspects ranging from the production of the paint to supplying it to the application system to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction levels.

It offers its customers technological and cost advantages by manufacturing the right critical supply system components like tanks, controllers, supply pumps, etc.

  • Pumps and fluid handling

Dürr India delivers versatile and sophisticated paint supply systems, including pressure controllers, agitators, pressure gauges, valves, hoses, pumps and colour changers.

This procedure is divided into three parts:

  1. Pumps

To fulfil the supplying demands of the industrial sector, Dürr India provides numerous pump models which consist of highly diverse paint. The various pumps made by Dürr India are:

                           a)EcoPump HP – Air operated horizontal piston pumps

                           b)EcoPump VP – Air operated vertical piston pumps

                           c)EcoPump HPE – Electrical operated horizontal piston pumps

d) EcoPump Packages – Ready to use sets

                          e) EcoPump VPS – Air operated vertical shovel plate pump

                          f) EcoPump AD – Air operated diaphragm pumps

                             g) EcoPump9 GW – Gear wheel dosing pumps

  • Fluid handling systems

The fluid handling equipment’s for paint supply are:

a)Hoses –They are used for air, material, high pressure or low-pressure systems

b)Pressure Regulators –It helps in Fluid regulation for paint process systems

c)Filters –They perform the operation of Material filtering

d)Pressure Gauges –Pressure gauges help in Material pressure measurement

e)Pressure Relief Valves– These appliances aids in protecting pumps from damages to unforeseeable external pressures.

f) Agitators- They are devices that help in the prevention of settling of paint during spraying.

  • Dosing Systems

Dürr India’s EcoDose 2K and 3K are used in automatic and manual processes. Optimised for fast colour changes and simple flushing, they can also be suitable for high and low-pressure applications.

 Features of EcoDose:

  1. High process reliability
  2. Flow rate measuring by colours or gear flowmeter
  3. Automatic colour change controlled by the volume
  4. High and constant mixing ratio accuracy etc.

Dürr India has become a name to reckon with in mechanical and engineering worldwide and emerged as a market leader due to its outstanding performance and trend-setting innovation.

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