Easy steps to build a website for your MSME


You are looking at building a website to promote your MSMEbusiness. It is important to consider many factors, including web hosting, UX/UI design, content, payment options, and other aspects. Website development can be expensive and time-consuming. We will dispel some myths and show you how to create a business website that is effective and affordable. Why having a website is so important for MSME growth.

The key features of a business website that is effective

A business website ‘s goal is to drive web traffic and generate business. It helps introduce the brand (about us), build trust and credibility among users and showcases products and services authentically. The main features of a website that is effective for small businesses include:

  • Easy navigation and high-performance (including page loading time).
  • To provide business information, original, relevant and fresh content in the form text and multimedia (audio/video)
  • Engaging website designs that include proper CTA (calls to action)
  • SEO optimized pages to improve search engine rankings and digital visibility.
  • Contact information includes physical address, email, phone number, chat option, and social media handles.
  • Forms for lead generation and sales inquiries.
  • Mobile friendliness (responsiveness) to make it easy to view and access all mobile devices

Tip: Research your industry, competitors, and current trends before you start building a website. To understand the content that your customers and prospects are searching for, you can also conduct customer feedback surveys. You can then decide what information you want to share, how and when to publish it. To collect accurate data for analysis, you can use a trusted online survey tool such as TCS iON Digital Survey.

Top features of a business website

7 steps to create a website for your MSME

Today’s website design process is much easier, cheaper, and faster than ever before. There are many website builders on the market today. These website builders are easy to use and have a variety of templates and features that allow you to create a powerful and attractive website in just hours. Alternately, you can:

  • Hiring a website design agency:An agency that has experience with websites for similar businesses or industries is preferred. They can help you find domains available for your business, book them, create your website, and then host it online. Although it will cost you more, an agency can help you complete the task quickly and efficiently. You will be able to concentrate on your business goals and deliverables.
  • Hire a freelance developer and designer:An individual developer and designer with the right skills and ideas can also do the job well. This is a cheaper alternative, but there’s the possibility that the freelancer might leave the job unfinished. Before you hire them, make sure to verify their credentials.

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These 7 steps to create a powerful website for your business will help you if you are looking to DIY (DIY).

#1 Getting domain names:A web hosting provider can help you purchase a domain name to represent your company.

#2 Choosing a domain name: Choose a name that is close to your company name or brand name. It should be memorable and unique, and it should also be easily accessible. If it is not, find the nearest alternative. If your business name is “Home for You Constructions Pvt. Ltd.’ try for a domain like ‘home for constructions’, or ‘home4u construction’, or ‘home4u’.

Domain names that begin with ‘.com’, ‘.in” or ‘.co.in are easier to remember. In the above example, your website could be, ‘homeforyouconstructions.com’ or ‘home4u construction.in’ or ‘home4u.co.in’.

#3 Web Hosting: You will also need to host your domain, i.e. You will need to purchase some internet space for your website. Hosting services are offered by most web hosting providers.

#4 Essential pages: When adding primary pages to your website include: Homepage, About Us and Products and Services catalog, Resources with blogs and testimonials, and Contact Us page. This page will contain a quick form for lead generation, feedback, general inquiry, and one for customer complaint management per category. This allows you to keep track of the type of complaint and makes sure they are investigated and resolved.

#5 Integration of payment gateways: While this isn’t mandatory for all businesses it is essential if you plan to sell online. Best-practices include providing multiple payment options to users, such as credit/debit card, net banking, mobile wallet, and mobile wallet payments.

Alternative to HTML6 CMS:A Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to monitor, manage and modify content as needed without needing to contact the development team.

#7 Maintenance & update: The final step to ensure performance is to look at the website maintenance for bugs fixes, content updates and minor improvements. To get relevant information, it is recommended that your website be integrated with analytics tools . This will allow you to see data on how visitors interact with your website, such as sources, time spent, content viewed, goals achieved, and other pertinent information.

Getting started

Owning a website for your business has many benefits. If you don’t have one, you may be missing out on real opportunities. We live in an online world, so creating digital visibility is something you must do.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Collect all content assets before you start. For example, customer testimonials, product images, company details etc.
  • A MVP is a website that contains the main pages, features, and functionalities. The website can be updated and new elements added to.
  • Budget the entire rollout.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your website. You can promote your website on every platform you have, including social media, pamphlets, business cards, and other promotional materials.

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