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What are the benefits of using an electric scooter? What are some of the downfalls? What are some of the best places to buy one? These are just some of the questions that come to many people’s minds when they are considering purchasing an electric scooter. The best way to learn all about these wonderful new mobility aids is by obtaining a few informative buying guides.

Bonus Tips:

* Many of these top-speed electric commuters also provide bonus tips in their guides, which you will not discover anywhere else. Some add tips on where to locate the lowest prices on needed parts, such as battery cables. Some also contain tips on acquiring the best warranty providers, how to fix your own electric scooter in the event something does go wrong, and even safety guidelines.

Additional resources :

* Most top-speed electric motor scooters come with accessories that can greatly extend their useful life. Some of these add-on include extended battery life, windshields, mirrors, footrests, footrest extensions, footrest lifts, or even seat belts. These items can make owning an electric scooter very convenient. Consider obtaining one of these extras when best buying guides one, as you will be very happy with them.


*  Although electric scooters are relatively inexpensive, you still want to pay attention to the quality before making your purchase. The best place to start shopping is online, as you will have the ability to read reviews and compare prices without having to leave your house. When reading electric scooter buying guides or looking through magazines on what makes a great electric scooter, keep in mind the quality of the ride and what you are willing to spend. You can start out by just spending a few hundred dollars. But if you are willing to spend more you will be able to find a well-built model that will last you for years to come.

 Advice from others:

 When looking at the best electric scooter buying guides, always look for advice from other people that have purchased this particular item. While scooters are generally not extremely difficult to maintain, some models require that you change the oil regularly. Clean your brushes and spark plug, or even change the battery. Other people may have used cheaper but better brands that they would not recommend since the price was too high. This is why you need to look at several different sources of information to make sure that you are choosing the right product.

Tires and Wheels:

*  When looking at an electric scooter, you need to know what size tires and wheels you will be driving. Some models have front-wheel drive, which means that the wheels do not move while riding. If you want to be able to get around easily on a rough or uneven surface, then this might be a good choice for you. Other buyers prefer to have rear-wheel drive. They have enough room to transport goods and still have enough space to stop and turn. If you choose this model, then you will also have a much longer battery life because you will not be pushing as hard.

Battery Life:

*  A new electric scooter usually comes with a one-year warranty that will replace the battery. However, depending on the model features and brand you purchase, there may be additional warranties offered. The manufacturer is usually the best source for additional warranty information. Make sure that you are buying a battery that offers you plenty of charge life so that your ride is reliable for years to come. Check the specifications of the battery to make sure that it will hold a charge long enough for you to complete a ride.

Important Features:

* Miles Per Hour (Miles) An important feature of an electric scooter model is the number of miles per hour that the motor will run. A motor with higher Mph will make you travel farther, but you will pay more for fuel. To determine how many miles per hour you can expect your battery to hold. Add the actual maximum weight you will be carrying to your height. Times the speed, and divide by 12 to get the number of man your bike can go. The higher the number the higher your fuel cost. The lower your Mph, the more money you will save on fuel, and lower your monthly payment.

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