Enjoying the best view of swaying palm trees and white sand in Palolem Beach

A white sand utopia on the southern extreme of Goa, Palolem Beach is just about 38 km from Madgaon. It is considered to the most much-loved location for vacationers in quest of some peaceful time. Well, this beach in Goa witnesses boundless crowds of foreign as well as domestic tourists during the peak season.

If you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, then you will be amazed to see the mile-long coastline that offers you with a golden opportunity to have mouth-water Goan food, unwind, and have a great time in one of the hotels in Calangute Goa or spend a wonderful time with your friends and family members while enjoying water sports.

Nightlife at Palolem Beach

It is the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife provided you are someone who loves to dance to the beats of music. You will be glad to know that this beach is not only a manifestation of colours and illuminations but also well-known for its ‘hushed parties’, where you can actually make some moves on the dance floor with the headphones on and music of your own choice.  Isn’t that exciting thing to do?

Soothing ambiances, the spellbinding night sight of the beach and twirling people make night parties at Palolem Beach something that you will always cherish throughout your lifetime. Go to the Neptune Point at Palolem Beach to have fun in the silent party that on is organised on every Saturday between 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM. The entry fee for the same party is quite reasonable.

Accommodation nearby Palolem beach

While there are numerous places nearby Palolem beach that can you look forward to staying at a reasonable price. Most of the tourists prefer to book rooms at hotels in Calangute Goa because it is one of the central places where most of the places and beaches are nearby.

Supermarkets run at Palolem Beach

When you will be wandering around the beach, make sure you go to the famous Tibetan ornaments and cloth market in the beachside.  The Palolem market is indeed one of the places in Goa which have been admired by many tourists.

Relatively massive than the markets that you will find in the other beaches in Goa, the market exhibits Tibetan handiworks, masterpieces made of sea shells, and fairly a brilliant assortment of hippie clothes. The market is active and entices many sightseers regardless of the time of year. What’s more, the song, seasoning, and clothing shops here would certainly give you some hippie impressions. So now you have this stunning beach with a hushed night party and some incredible things to shop!

Holes-in-the-wall at Palolem Beach

If you are on the lookout for some good eateries to taste some delicious local and fresh seafood, you will not feel short of options in the Palolem beach. Nearby the beach, you will discover Cafe Del Mar and Hi-Tide Coco Huts which are some of the best eating places that you should try during your visit to Goa.

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