Everything About The Liver Transplantation Surgery

In this surgery, the none functional liver is replaced with the healthy liver from a donor. There are many things that you need to know about transplanting your liver, such as why you need to transplant, what is the Liver Transplant Surgery Cost and many other essential things, in this article we are going to explain everything about this.

More About Liver Transplant Surgery

You may need a new liver, in that case, the donor would be the deceased person, but if you just need a portion of the liver, then the donor can also be a live donor. Your liver is so much important to you, which is why you should get the surgery done if you face any kind of problem. If it would not be taken seriously, it may have fatal effects over your body. Some of the functions that your liver performs are:

  • It processes the nutrient, hormones and other things like medications thorough your body
  • It generates bile, which helps your body to cut the fat, fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol
  • It helps in the generation of protein that the blood to clot
  • It helps in the deterrence of the infection and also in regulating the immune system of your body correctly.

There is a big difference inthe number of donors and the people who need a new liver or just a portion of the liver. However, arranging a live donor is more accessible than a deceased donor. But there is the need of deceased donor in case of complete transplantation surgery. You can only have the option of the live donor if you just need a portion of the liver.

Well, for international patients having a related donor is a must.

Why is Liver Transplant Surgery Done?

The surgery is done because of an average human can’t live without a liver, whatever causes the liver failure you will need surgery. The liver failure can be acute; it occurs shortly within a week; the other type of liver failure is a chronic liver failure which you can find in months. The surgery of liver translation might also help in treating cancer in the liver. The reason for liver failure doesn’t make a difference; you will need surgery and liver transplantation to be healthy once again.

Final Words:

Liver Transplant Price depends upon the hospitals and condition of the liver that you have, the average cost for a liver transplant varies between twelve to sixteen lakhs rupees in India. The cost of the surgery doesn’t matter because the supply for the liver in India is deficient. You can be put on a waiting list in the beginning or may struggle to find a donor for yourself. The cost of Liver transplantation depends on the hospital’s history of how much successful transplantation it has done before and the resources they use, and also the condition of your liver. The cost seems very low when you have to save your life from this danger. Thus you should always go for surgery no matter what it costs.

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