Everything you should know about Node JS JavaScript framework

In the last ten years, a very interesting phenomenon has been happening in the world of programming. One programming language is becoming more and more popular and present among developers. That language is JavaScript.

Until the end of the first half of the 2000s, it was somehow established that if you wanted to program machines, it was usually done in C ++, if you wanted to make servers, it was done in Java or C # and so on. JavaScript language has somehow always been tied to search engines and its task was only to deal with the behavior of elements on web pages and it was not able to do much more than that.

Thanks to NodeJS development company in India, Javascript has become the most popular and currently most used programming language in the world with by far the most questions asked on the well-known StackOverflow site as well as the most open positions in the world of hiring programmers.

What exactly is Node.js?

In 2009, a California-born man named Ryan Dahl introduced Node JS. Because JavaScript was browser-bound and the scripting language in question, JavaScript was never able to communicate directly with computer hardware, but there always had to be a language layer between the JavaScript executable context and the machine itself. That language layer was actually a browser engine written in C ++ and each of the famous internet browser manufacturers developed their own browser engines. Google developed its own when it called the V8 and that engine was open for use.

This suddenly meant that Javascript was no longer just a language used to behave elements on web pages, what is commonly called frontend programming, but that Javascript could now be used to program servers, so-called backend, and machine programming. so-called embeded. Today, artificial intelligence is being developed through Nod, in Javascript, databases are being created and large amounts of data are being analyzed.

Node JS is a server-side platform based on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. By creating Node.js, Mr. Ryan proved that JavaScript is the most powerful of these, and it can easily run JavaScript applications on a server. Node GS is also very suitable for implementing large and high-consumption programs and has the best performance.

How Node JS works?

You might be thinking if you should hire NodeJS developers in India? Node JS uses io. The i / o model is a great choice for implementing real-time applications. This model in Node JS allows us to experience the better speed of applications with high input/output and high-speed data exchange. Real-time programs are programs in which information is exchanged at high speed and instantaneously. The most important real time programs are social networks and chat tools. Today, due to the high speed of data processing by Node JS and responding to a large number of requests in an instant, as well as the ease of implementing Real-time applications due to the existence of good libraries such as Socket.io, many programmers and sites, especially startups Large migrate to Node JS.

Is Node.js a framework?

A framework is a set of libraries and tools that make programming easier and prevent code overwriting. But this is not the case with Ninety GS and it is more than just a framework! JavaScript has many powerful frameworks such as React JS, Angular, and Vue.js that are very powerful in implementing web applications. But Node JS is actually a run-time environment or JavaScript-based executable environment, and its applications are much more than a framework. In addition to developing web applications, we can use Node JS in Rest APIs, robotics, microcontrollers, etc.

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