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No matter how fast web pages appear in your internet browser and load your files, there are several tricks you can use to make them faster. There are a variety of jams. Some have solutions. Some are free, others are expensive. I will be using “PC”, but this information applies to smartphones connected to Mac, LINUX, Wi-Fi and any computer.

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I will first list them, then go deeper into each and explain them in layman’s language. You can always use Google to find out more.

1. Processor speed, 2. RAM, 3. Bloated browser, 4. Packet size, 5. Wireless connection, 6. Modem, 7. Last mile speed 8. Connection speed 9. Router load, 10. Ping time, 11 Overload, 12. Server load.

1. The speed of the computer chip (CPU).

 Newer or more expensive computers have faster processors, and some have multiple processors (cores). This is the foundation of the computer. While there are some variables (CPU cache, RAM speed, etc.), the CPU controls everything. A slow single CPU (such as 1.6GHz or GHz) cannot run as fast as a 3.6GHz dual- or quad-core CPU. Smartphones have a slower processor.

2. RAM is memory.

 In typical Windows configurations, 4 GB (4 GB) of RAM. Old computers can’t hold that much. Some computers charge less than; Will have to buy more. When you open programs or web pages, they are saved in RAM for quick response. As soon as the RAM is full, additional data is transferred to a special file on the hard disk.

 The hard drive is very slow compared to RAM. If your computer has less than 4GB of RAM and you can justify the cost and your computer will store it, that can make a huge difference to how fast your computer can run. offers good value for money, quality RAM, and a customization tool. RAM can be installed in any store on your local computer.

3. Different browsers

 (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera) have different features and speed. The opera is fast, but very abstract. Try the Google Chrome browser. Firefox has many additional features (add-ons).

In any browser, close or disable the toolbars you are not using. Some have an “X” or right-click an empty area of ​​the toolbar and deselect any area you don’t want. You can restore it later.

4. Packing size. 

You can run TCP Optimizer (XP only) at cbn, and alternative speed test at (it will give different results). Use it to compare before / after making changes.

5. Wireless connections

  much slower than wired Ethernet cable connections. If you have more than one device on your Wi-Fi, they will all drop to the lowest device speed.

Slow wireless speeds can often be reset by unplugging the AC power of the wireless router, but be sure to reset before doing this …

6. A modem that connects you to the Internet.

 Unplug it from AC power, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Wait until all lights turn on (a minute or two), restart your computer, and then turn on your wireless router again.

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7. The last mile is your home’s connection to your Internet service provider. 

They range from slow to fast: phone modem, satellite, slow DSL, fast DSL, cable, premium / commercial cable, and fiber. DSL speeds are highly dependent on your distance to the nearest telephone building.

8. Your connection speed is all the connections between you and your ISP.

9. Router load

  the ability of your ISP to handle requests from its local customers. Clients downloading giant movie files can slow down everyone in your area.

10. Ping time is the speed of the connection between you and the server that stores the web page or file. Less ping times mean faster data transfers.

11. Overload is other data that is transmitted along with your data. Ways to change your internet provider to avoid traffic jams between major cities. The shortest route may not be the fastest, or even the most accessible.

12. Server load is the amount of traffic that a website is processing.

If millions of people read a news article and try to visit the same site at the same time, this server may not be able to handle all of these requests. So, the free things you can do to improve your internet connection speed are: unplug your router, unplug your modem, plug in your modem, restart your computer, plug in your router, and adjust

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