Five Reasons Why VPS Hosting Plans Are Perfect for Entrepreneurs


If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking forward to launching your website then you should consider VPS hosting plans. Since you are just starting your business then you might be tight on budget. VPS hosting is one of the cheapest hosting solutions in the market which is reliable. Go with the VPS hosting plans for hosting your website on a virtual private server. Moreover, it is one of the most secure hosting solutions that you can find for your website. Choosing VPS hosting plans at an early stage of the business can be the best idea for entrepreneurs. It will save you from paying a high amount in hosting costs and add an extra layer of security to your website.

Understanding a VPS server

In VPS hosting, one server is divided into several smaller servers. These small units are private, which means that only one website will be hosted. No sharing of data, CPU, or RAM will occur between the servers. This setup seems similar to a dedicated server but it is different. The layers of the OS are virtual which means the website is in a secure environment protected by the virtual walls of the OS.

There are two types of VPS servers: managed and unmanaged. Managed VPS hosting is a service in which you do not have to worry about any server-related problems. Your service provider will take care of the server management. It is a highly suitable web hosting option for people who do not have the knowledge and an IT team. They can go with the managed VPS and your service provider will take care of the server, backup, update, maintenance, and security. However, in the case of unmanaged VPS hosting you will be responsible for everything. Managed VPS saves time, ensures operating system updates, and needs no technical knowledge. However, it gives more control to third parties and costs more than unmanaged VPS.

Reasons why entrepreneurs should shift towards VPS hosting plans:

There are multiple reasons why entrepreneurs should be purchasing VPS hosting plans. In VPS hosting plans, there are mainly two categories i.e. managed and unmanaged. If you have a dedicated IT team to take care of the server then unmanaged VPS hosting will work for you. If you do not have any hosting knowledge and IT team then you should take managed VPS hosting. The VPS hosting service provider will take care of your server while you can focus on other important elements of the business. 

Every server is a separate unit

VPS hosting is very different from traditional shared hosting or managed-to-host plans. In VPS hosting all the servers are taken for hosting websites. Every server uses the same hardware platform. Moreover, all the single servers have their own operating system. It is very easy to disconnect the servers from each other. Thus the problems present in one system do not affect the other servers. This is one of the most important factors responsible for the best security of VPS hosting plans. Additionally, hacking and virus attacks will never hard other servers, those servers will be saved from hackers and attackers.

Choose your operating system and applications

In the case of shared hosting, the host has to choose the operating system and application. As a user, you do not have any control over the configuration of the server. In the VPS server, you can choose all the features you need. It offers you a wide variety of operating systems and applications. Users can select and install any desired application. VPS provides you the complete freedom for web developers. It gives you the liberty to choose a PHP version and employs node.js in your projects.

Less downtime than other hosting solutions

In VPS there are no actual servers used thus it is one of the most stable hosting solutions. You can expect zero downtime because it is very stable. While in other hosting plans there will be some downtime. In case you face any problem then IT experts will resolve the issue and bring back your website on track. VPS hosting plans are suitable for both types of customers. It is economical and stable thus it can be one of the best choices for entrepreneurs. 

VPS hosting plans can be upgraded anytime

With VPS hosting plans it is very easy to get your resources upgraded. If you need any additional storage space or processing power then you can upgrade your hosting plan anytime. You just have to contact the service provider and ask them to upgrade your plan. They will upgrade the hosting plan based on your need. You just have to pay the additional cost and you will get everything in the promised way.

Provides unmatchable flexibility

VPS hosting plans will not affect any other servers when you install any new software. YOu can use any PHP-based content management system like CloudFusion or ASP by talking to the IT team. You will not face any issues in implementing new strategies into your system.


VPS hosting plans are cheap for unmanaged VPS servers so if you have an IT team then you can go for it. In case you do not have an IT team then you can go for the managed VPS hosting. Your VPS service provider will take care of the server maintenance and everything. It is slightly expensive but it is worth the money you are spending on the hosting solutions. 

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