Foam based hand sanitizer from no scars

The year 2020 has thought us the importance of personal hygiene and frequent hand washing to protect ourselves from life-threatening illnesses such as Covid. The use of sanitizers, which were once limited for hospital staff has taken an integral role in every single household. People use these sanitizers approximately every few minutes to maintain their hand hygiene. But do you know that these sanitizers could be very harmful to their skin, with repeated use? After all, these alcohols based sanitizers are made of chemicals that when being harmful to the microbes, can be harmful to your skin as well in minor degrees.

Use of hand sanitizers for hands from no scars:

No Scars, the leading manufacturer of face washes and creams, has come up with their unique foam-based hand sanitizers that are perfectly safe for the hand, owing to their all-natural composition. You can use these sanitizers all through the day as they are skin and environment friendly. It has been developed by renowned scientists with careful consideration of its anti-microbial properties and skin-friendly nature.

These hand sanitizers are available in different sizes so that you can carry them in your pocket and use them on the go. These sanitizers are safe on the skin of children as well and they can carry them with them when they go to school or play outdoors. It has been researched that 80% of all infections, leave alone the coronavirus infection are transmitted by hand. Thus we must start carrying sanitizers and use them frequently even when this pandemic gets over.

Hand washing and using alcohol rub sanitizers have become the most strategic option to prevent the spread of germs and from getting sick. Apart from personal use, these sanitizers should be placed in public places, workplaces, and other endowments. In this regard, No Scars has come up with the most innovative and useful idea of manufacturing eco-friendly sanitizers for the good of the larger public.

The credibility of foam-based sanitizer from No Scars:

The No scars hand sanitizer comprises 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol that is capable of fighting against germs and also leaves the hands pretty clean. Being an expert immunity booster hand sanitizer helps in the prevention of infection and illness, killing about 99.9% of germs without any water. Being a germ-free skin defense, it is capable of protection against any infection and it is possible to ensure the cleanliness of the skin by rubbing the sanitizer without using any water. To use the sanitizer, apply on the palm, back of the hands, rub over the area, and the fingertips until dry.

Final words:

We understand that the current pandemic and the extended lockdown has made several people feel uncomfortable at their own home. People are waiting for a chance to get out of their comfort zone and practice yoga and indulge in sports outdoors. The next time you get out of your home, carry these sanitizers to render immense protection from adverse virus and other pathogens

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