Focus on latest kitchen cabinets trend

The year 2019 will see kitchen cabinets a blend of classic and modern design. Not all past designs will be out of date and some innovation will keep the new trends going. Some of the highlights in this sphere is as follows;-

  • Competent hidden storage-This gives the kitchen a neat look. The cabinet colours blend well with design giving a unified look.
  • Fittings of metal leaden and gunmetal-The handles and fixtures align with texture of cabinets giving the space a feeling of depth
  • Upper shelves exposed-The use of glass is in demand and is the new trend
  • Classic look– This generated through the over all atmosphere. The tiles, stone, furniture and fixtures as well as lighting along with matching cabinets make the kitchen warm, enticing and welcoming.
  • Hues of the upholstery-White hue of kitchen is outdated. Colour is added through cabinet and chair fabric.
  • Application of wood– Owners wish to be linked with nature. Because of its calming effect. Wood is versatile.
  • Cabinet coloured-Coloured cabinets are in fashion. They remove the monotony of one colour. Blues grey and greens are in fashion. Dark colures are in vogue. They contrast well with fixtures.
  • Textures variation-The fashion has contrasting colours and delicate finishes.

Cabinets along with modern amenities make kitchen the heart of the home.

Kitchen cabinet ideas go a long way in making the existing kitchen convenient modern and appealing. Some of the suggestions are;-

  1. Increase colour and accessories-Beige as well as white look charismatic with addition of blue or green if you do not wish to redo the whole kitchen.
  2. Open the shelves- Semi-open kitchen cabinets add to the beauty of the room. With windows the place looks spacious.
  3. Change the colour- The double-stacked cabinets can be made to look grey. Match them with countertop and floor rug to make the room look grandeur.
  4. Blue base cabinets and modern without handle wall cabinets and blue walls and grey tiles look very sophisticated.
  5. Supplement the white-use more relevant colours
  6. Emphasise the natural light- It will reflect the cabinet colours.
  7. Use a bright colour-Yellow colour on single wall will highlight the cabinets.
  8. Nominal with one texture-Use wood from floor to ceiling and on cabinets and inbuilt shelves.
  9. Make it natural and stylish-Glossy white and natural wood go together. Give coloured border to wood.
  10. Be artistic- If you are artistic pin up your work of paint on one wall and the scene will look serene and attractive.
  11. Islands of work-Decorate the islands to complement the cabinet colour and texture. It will cost less.
  12. White and black contrast-Black tiles with white cabinets or visa-versa looks appealing. The counters can also be black.
  13. Enterprising textures- Perforated metal inserts on cabinet go well with other textures in the room for instance. Be innovative with textures.
  14. Paint coat-All you need to do to change the look of the kitchen is to paint it all over again in different colour. Use bright and neutral hues.
  15. Puny kitchen-Go longitudinal in perception. It can be long cabinets or striped walls. You just need a little imagination to get feeling of space.
  16. Digital technology- The counters have fridge, oven, coffee maker, mixes etc of varying colours that supplements the beauty of the kitchen.

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